Feels like Fall has come early, anglers are getting itchy, shop sale Saturday August 16th.

Posted by Dan | Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Its the 3rd week of August but feels like early October.  Mid 60's for highs and 50's at night have many guys thinking steelhead, salmon, and browns in the great lakes tributaries.  Around the shop it feels much the same as the fly bins are getting stocked, new rods and reels arrive, and fly tiers are once again getting busy at the vise. Anticipation is higher than we have seen in many years for a good fall run of chrome and guys are itching to hit the water.  I would be ready for early opportunities for steelhead this year, especially as you go East.  Last time we had this weather pattern steelhead were a few weeks ahead of schedule and if things continue to go the way they have been going so far this year look for more of the same.  In the meantime here is a new fly pattern to try this Fall and a few other pics as well.

New fly in fly blog for Fall chrome in our best fish catching colors. We will also be tying these up at the shop during the shop sale Saturday the 16th along with a couple other newbies.

If you need a fix bassing on the local rivers and ponds has been pretty good.

For fly anglers everywhere its never to early brush up on techniques or learn a few new casts.  Got some help myself on the Deleware river a couple weeks ago with the two hander. 

Gear sale at the shop Saturday August 16th.  Switch rods, reels, skagit heads, fly tying materials and more to help kick off the Fall season.