Tired of steelhead pics yet? I hope not as we are just getting warmed up...

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Pictured below are some fish taken today on the Grand, all swinging flies like the double decker pictured below and can be found on the fly tying blog as well. As i have said before its not the most productive way to fish if its numbers you are after but it may be the most exciting. If you would like to learn more come to the seminar this Saturday the 25th with Will Turek and Greg Senyo. Wills presentation begins at 10am and cover rods, reels, casting and techniques. Greg will begin tying some new swinging patterns around noon time an go until 3pm for those interested. Until then enjoy a few pics.

There seems to be plenty of these in our tribs and the run hasn't even really started yet, gonna be a good spring.

The Double Decker is an articulated marabou pattern that has been very good the past week. Purple has been the hot color but tied in white, black, orange and olive you can't go wrong either. Tying directions can be found in the fly tying blog.

Wild Bill is all smiles on the Grand Today.

When you are fishing dark or stained water on a dark overcast day purple or black combinations work very well.

If you are still waiting to get out and start your spring season wait no more. Its not crazy good but there are plenty of nice fish being caught and we need some help. There wearing us out.

Shop event, new fly pattern in tying blog, fish pics and river report.

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Its the time of year to get some events going on at the shop here and we figured with the influx of anglers swinging flies and going to switch rods it was a good starting point. Sat February 25th we are pleased to have Will "Castmaster" Turek at the shop to do a presentation on fishing switch rods and swinging streamers for great lakes steelhead and also fly tying expert Greg Senyo will be showing us some great new patterns to swing on those rods. Covering terminology, casting, and actual fishing scenarios Will's program will be a great introduction to those just beginning the process of casting and fishing switch rods while being a good refresher course for those of us that have been at it for a while and begins at 10am. Greg will begin tying around noon and has some great new patterns that trigger that predatory response which induce strikes from steelhead that is key when swinging flies. There will also be some great deals on gear, new fly tying materials and more. Hope to see everyone here as it will be a great program.

The tying instructions for this one can be found in the fly tying blog, have fun, its a good fish catcher and pretty easy to tie.

Greg snapped this pick off me just as i set the hook on a Grand River boulder. I decided to put it in here however because as a photographer it was great timing and anticipation on his part.

Here i am swinging on the Grand but to no avail, i came up empty in this run.

However it was good for some anglers.

Greg displays a fine winter steelhead that took a swung fly very aggressively.

Another Grand river fish pretty fresh from the lake that took a swung fly.

And another one, this angry buck was more than happy to slam a streamer he thought was invading his space.

Kilby has been all fired up lately, he has been walloping the trout at Punderson and is even talking of doing some steelheading.

If you know Greg Senyo this one writes itself. If you don't come to the shop and watch him tie some flies at the shop on the Sat. Feb. 25th. starting around noon, Great fly tyer and instructor.

Fish pics, cool new gear, fishing report.

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Some great new gear from Simms and Abel has arrived at the shop, fishing is good. What else do you really need?

Fishing on the Chagrin, Conneaut, and Grand has been very good the past week. A fresh push of fish moved into the rivers and the weather has been perfect. Thursday and Friday are looking very good but a cold snap is moving in for Saturday and Sunday so if you can get out before then have at it. If not stop in the shop, say hello, check out some new gear. Tight Lines from Chagrin River Outfitters.

New simms windstopper jacket, headwaters waist packs and the new headwaters gore-tex wading jacket are all available at the shop. If you are in the market the new wading jacket for $199.00 made from gore-tex is a great buy.

For all you swingers out there or those thinking of making the switch so to speak have a new reel to consider. The Abel switch has arrived at the shop and is a thing of beauty. American made craftsmanship and classic design make this a sweetheart.

Justin has been letting me catch the little ones.

But they take a little line and jump.

With a new fly tied on in the fading light of evening its time to swing up another one.

With a new baby at home and the rivers fishing so well i have been a little goofier than usual.

The Grand has been giving up some very nice fish.

In fact it has been to good, if that's possible.

Well at least for me, my phone gets a new fish pic from Bill or Justin every 15 minutes and i am sitting at the shop.

Here's another one from yesterday, in fact i don't have room or the time to put them all up.

When our river were blown the boys did pretty well up on Elk for a few days.

An Elk creek double is always nice, but even better in February.

Still fishing on steelhead alley, film tour is coming, sale stuff.

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Fly fishing film tour is on its way back to Cleveland, Tuesday March 20th is the date at Cedar Lee Theater in Cleveland Heights. Discount tickets, $12 vs $15, are available at the shop. Meanwhile on the fishing front things have still been pretty good, and as you know the weather is incredible. At this point i believe our weather pattern has been set for the rest of the winter and it should remain relatively mild, which means there should be ample opportunities to get on the water. Here at the shop things are interesting as always, Wild Bill has picked up a switch rod and began down the path which is swinging streamers. As expected he hasn't disappointed and has been picking them up pretty regularly.

50% off
If you have some money burning a hole in your pocket or just like great deals stop by the shop and check out our clearance items. Simms and Patagonia wading jackets, simms fleece, Patagonia fleece, wading pants, fishpond vests and more

Along with tickets and posters for the film tour i was the very happy recipient of an official bottle of Film Tour bourbon, how cool is that. No all i need is for them to send a few aspirin.

We worked hard for just a few fish yesterday on the Chagrin....But....it was 50 degrees on the last day of January, no complaints.

One of the fish landed was very fresh and found way upstream on the Chagrin....like Chagrin Falls upstream....she is in a hurry.

These two look guilty of something.

Wild Bill battles a buck on the Holy waters.

...and on a fly he tied.

Nice job Billy, now go catch another one.