Ohio steelhead, smallmouth, and PA trout.

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Steelhead and smallmouth fishing on the Grand has remained pretty consistent the last couple of weeks while Elk creek in PA is loaded with big lake run smallmouth. Pennsylvania trout fishing is off to a hot start with plenty of bugs hatching and trout looking up. Penns, Little Juniata, Kettle, Oil Creek and everywhere in between has been worth the drive. Shop is stocked up with everything you need no matter where you are fishing so stop on in before you go. Good Luck.

Reeling one in one the Grand.
Drop back hen that gave this angler a heck of a battle before being returned to the river.

Little skip was this first time steelheaders first fish brought to hand during our day of fishing.

Swinging olive streamers has brought plenty of steelhead and smallmouth to hand in the clear water.

Lake run smallie from the Grand.

Fishing Kettle creek in PA.

With fish starting to rise its time to match the hatch.

Opening day of trout season is all about getting the kids on the water and introducing them to fishing.

After fishing time for some goofing off and a cookout.

Fried trout, potatoes and beans make for good grub after a hard day if fishing.

Didn't take as many pictures of flies and fish as i should have but Gray Foxes provided plenty of dry fly fishing over the weekend.

Great time of year to be a fly fisherman...

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as anything and everything is beginning to happen on nearby lakes, rivers, and streams. In the past couple of weeks we have had anglers in the shop going out after pike, smallmouth, largemouth, panfish, PA trout, lake run smallmouth and of course steelhead. With such a plenitude of angling opportunities in and around our area it can be hard to choose what to pursue. For me mid April usually means switching gears from steelhead to PA trout and lake run smallmouth which can top the scales at over 6#'s and average about 3#'s, those are nice smallies. It's also the time of year when Caddis flies and a few mayflies start to appear on the picturesque mountain stream of Pennsylvania and trout that have been hunkered down in the depths all winter begin to stir and look up. Its a little like magic and even though they are not 10# lake erie steelhead a 10 inch wild Pa brown trout is hard to beat.

Pa trout fishing is heating up pretty good and flies are hatching ahead of scheduled and have provided some pretty good fishing. The shop is stocked up with all the flies for matching early season hatches. If you need a new rod to deliver that fly we have a bunch of great new trout sticks as well. Also it may be a good time to get that new fly line for the upcoming trout season.

Good Luck from Chagrin River Outfitters.

Judging by the size of this brown and the beautiful landscape in the back this pic could be from many far away trout fishing nirvana's, and in fact it is form a wonderful place to catch big browns. Right over the border in Pennsylvania. Sometimes big fish adventures are closer than you may think. My little brother took a day off from studying and did a float on the Yough tailwater in PA. Good call.

Trying out some new sticks from Thomas and Thomas, pretty sick stuff. Look for them in the shop this Fall.
Anglers on the Grand River have been hitting it pretty hard.
Greg checks a Grand River buck as it makes a break for it.

As a guide you have time to notice things you may not as an angler. Two banded geese (left Leg) do a little preening and get a drink on the Grand.

If you ever find a fly box on the river this pretty it more than likely belongs to Greg Senyo. If found please return to Chagrin River Outfitters and we can split the flies up.

Working the lower Grand.

Lake run smallies are coming in good numbers and have been hammering copper and tan streamer patterns.

This Abel super 5n with the hand painted 2012 De Young brown trout is in the hands of a very lucky customer. I'm jealous.