Fly fishing the great lakes seminar this Sat. Oct 30th, Spey and switch rod discussions, hot new tube flies, pics. Updated river report on 10-28-10

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Steelheading the Great Lakes:10-3:30 at Chagrin River Outfitters Sat Oct. 30th. Jeff Liskay and Jerry Darkes examine new steelhead, trout, and salmon, fishing opportunities close to home. They will also be tying hot tube fly patterns and answering all your steelhead questions.

Steelheading the Great Lakes seminar this Sat. Oct 30th at Chagrin River Outfitters from 10-3:30 with Jeff Liskay and Jerry Darkes. Jeff and Jerry will take you on a fly fishing tour of the Great Lakes from Superior to Ontario and uncover some truly fabulous fishing opportunities close to home. Also be on hand as they discuss spey and switch rods best suited for the Great Lakes tributaries, tie great new tube fly patterns, and answer any of your steelheading questions. See you on Saturday.
Chuck and Dan pose with a pair of trophy steelhead caught this past week with Chagrin River Outfitters. This is a picture they will cherish for a long time. Nice job on a double, it doesn't get any better than that.

Luke and Chuck pose with Lukes first ever Lake Erie Steelhead. It took a few hookups to bring this first one to the net but all in all a pretty good job for this new steelhead addict. Good job Luke.

Luke is getting the hang of it now. Another one landed and holds still for the camera before being released back to the river. A great day on the river with some old friends and some new. Looking forward to doing it again real soon.

River reports: Updated 10-28-10
Thur. Oct 28th after the rain river update.
The rain has come and gone and the rivers are in great shape for the end of the week and the weekend. All the rivers will fish for the weekend with the Grand and Conneaut looking to be in prime condition. The Chagrin should fish well over the next few days and have spoken with a few anglers this AM having success on the lower and middle Chagrin, and the lower Grand. Leaves will be a problem in some areas but hang in there and you should be rewarded with a silver bullet hook up. Good Luck. Stop in for some great new fly patterns

Fly Kids, Pa Grouse pics, river reports...

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Guided trip with Chagrin River Outfitters for the day $350.00
Lunch, gas, licenses, flies, $75.00
Skipping School to go fishing with Dad, Priceless.

Matthew shows off a great catch from Sunday while fishing with his Dad and CRO guide John Fabian.

Matthew and John hold up another one for the camera. Great job guys.

Some pics from my little brother who went out in search of fan tailed thunderbolts in the PA woods with some long haired friends.

It must have been a great day of Grouse hunting for Ernie to put down the shotgun and capture these images.

An opening day limit of Pennsylvania Grouse and a double gun. I can smell the powder.

Walking up on a point. Can you spot the 4 setters in this pic? Two on point and two honoring. Thanks for the pics.

River report:
All rivers are currently getting low and clear again after the recent rains. No great reports from anywhere specifically but the grand seems to be the best bet right now for conditions. There is more rain in the forecast over the next week that should turn things up a notch when it gets here. Right now leaves are a problem for anglers so fish those flies a little shallower than you normally would to avoid snagging said leaves. Morning and evenings are best due to the water conditions. Good Luck

More cool fish pics, updated river reports, gearing up...

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Lets start it out with some pretty fall colors on an Erie trib. Great time of year to be on the water and experience the vibrant colors of Fall. Some gorgeous yellows, reds, and oranges for all you leaf peepers. Oh yeah, hopefully some silver as well.

Here we go. A nice steelhead to start the day that had no problem taking a tiny(for steelhead) size 14 caddis psycho prince fished under an egg.

Check out the kype on this little guy. He is getting ready to battle it out under the water for his chance to dance.

Talk about your silver bullets. The ariel display and runs put on by this new arrival were amazing. Not the biggest fish we caught but pound for pound maybe the strongest.

Another fresh arrival from the big lake that had the drag singing. The gear got a work out on this day. Many more fish hooked than landed but when you have fresh fish on small hooks and light tippets you'll have that.

Talk about your early arrivals. This large colored up hen was already spawned out and heading downstream when we briefly interrupted her journey back to the lake, only to let her swim free again and be on her way.

River Reports:

The Chagrin and Grand seem to have gotten the most rain. The Grand is up with color which is good news but no fishing there for the weekend. The Chagrin is on the rise but not to hard, it looks like she will level off tonight and begin to drop again tomorrow and fish for the weekend, reports from the lower Chagrin have been good and this rain i think will have a nice push of fish in both the Chagrin and Grand

East of the Grand there was spotty heavy rains, the Conneaut is still on the low side with a little color and the Elk is blown out. Elk is still your best bet for numbers but reports have been trickling in about smatterings of fish on the Ohio tribs. Things seem to slowly be picking up here and this weekend may be a good time to get out for that first trip of the season. Chagrin should be in great shape Saturday and Sunday.

Gearing Up:
As always we have everything you need here at the shop to make your next trip a successful one. Make sure to stop in and check out the great new selection of steelhead flies. We have expanded our selection again to bring you the best in nymph, streamer and egg patterns in the area. So stop on in, say hello, find out where the fish are biting, and grab some new flies.
Good Luck Dan and Pete

Bring in your Orvis Coupons, 40% off reels, new pics, river report and conditions....

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40% off Battenkill mid-arbor trout and steelhead reels this week.

Bring in those annoying Orvis coupons to CRO for savings on gear, leaders, tippets, etc. and gear up for steelhead season. Also Battenkill Mid-Arbor trout and steelhead reels 40% 0ff. While your in check out all the new Simms and Fishpond gear.

Lake Erie Chrome from Friday.

Pretty fall fish.

Father and son team score a nice steelhead.

Small pic of a big fish...pictured weighed 4 #'s

This fish tried to make it back to Lake Erie after being hooked.

River Reports:

For early season steel head keep on the move until you locate the fish and fish low light conditions found in the mornings and evenings. Look for fast water with 2 feet or more of depth. Also be prepared for big hard fighting fish as this time of year, they are supercharged.

Your best bet for Ohio Steel continues to be on the Conneaut river in the lower stretches. Conneaut still has some color but very fishable and will have good conditions for the weekend.

Grand and Chagrin are holding fish in the lower and middle stretches though not in any numbers to speak of. Look for numbers to improve as days get shorter and more rain raises the water levels.

Elk creek in PA still has the most numbers and water conditions are good. There is some color in the holes as off today and fish are up past Folley's Camp ground.

Hot flies have been small natural colored egg patterns, caddis larva, white buggers, and small stoneflies.

Great new fly lines and tips for spey and switch, chromer pics, river report...

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Fishing the high muddy waters of a PA trib.
It was tough going in the morning but as conditions improved so did the fishing.

Nice little guy that ate a high water worm.

This 16 incher wacked a 4 inch string leech on the swing

True chromer fresh from the lake, again on a high water worm.

Fish on.

Hooked up again.
New Rio switch for indicator fishing with your switch rods.
Full compliment of mow tips for you swingers available at the shop.

Steelhead Report

Ohio rivers are getting some rain and on the rise. They are not blown out but clarity is poor. There is fish in all the rivers but not in any great numbers. Right now the best bets are the Conneaut and Elk for numbers. Look for a more up to date report tomorrow as i will be out getting a first hand look at all the water.