Spring time is fishing time and remember to support your favorite fly shop.

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April marks the start of some prime fishing here in the midwest.  On the local front steelheading takes center stage; but not to be overlooked are lake run smallmouth bass that start showing up in the same tributaries as steelhead mid-April and are in the rivers thru mid Jun, carp, bass, panfish, and PA-MI trout fishing.  Yes its a fine time for flyroders so make some time to hit your local river, stream, lake, pond or wherever it is you prefer to sling a fly and enjoy the springtime.  

At the shop we are stocked up for the remainder of steelhead season and also have all the bugs to match early season mayfly/caddis hatches in PA, bass bugs for both rivers and ponds and rods, reels, and fly lines for those looking.  Remember to support your favorite fly shop and see you on the river.

Steelhead season is still going strong as fresh fish have moved into the rivers with the April showers.

Great trout fishing opportunities exist for those anglers willing to put in a few hours of drive time.  

For those looking to stay close to home lake run smallmouth are making there way into the same rivers visited by steelhead, with the Grand, Conneaut, and Elk being the best and are overlooked by almost everyone.  Typically they are in the rivers until mid-June.  Give them a try and you will regret not doing it sooner.

Our swinging class in early April was met with great weather and eager fisherman.  Look for more of these events Fall 2013. 

An angler battles an angry buck that hammered a swung fly.

Wild Brown trout are very abundant in PA and provide fantastic fly rod opportunities.

Spring shop sale, fishing is heating up.

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Spring into fishing season Sale at Chagrin River Outfitters:Save up to 40% on select switch rods, fly rods, fly reels, fly lines, leaders, sink tips, waders, tying materials and more at our spring storewide clearance.  

Save on switch and single hand fly rods during three day shop sale April 4th, 5th and 6th.  

Fresh fish are on the move in a steelhead river near you.

Our March Bahamas trip was highlighted by Pete's flats Tarpon .

There seems to be an abundance of large fish in the rivers as well.

High stream flows have made fishing challenging at times but it allows new fish to enter the river.

Young Manny showed us not to underestimate young anglers...even 7 yrs olds are getting it done.