Prospecting for Lake Erie chrome, new intruder shanks, fly tying with Greg Senyo, change of seasons shop sale Thurs. Sept. 1st thru Sat Sept. 3rd.

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Took my first foray to the lake Erie surf 0f 2011 last week in hopes of surprising a few early arrivals at the creek mouths in PA. Armed with my trusty 8 wt, a tibor riptide and a proven surf fly i thought i was ready to go. I thought wrong as much to my chagrin i had forgotten to bring along a valuable piece of equipment one needs when fishing the surf with a fly rod, a stripping basket. To the uneducated it is simply a medium depth basket buckled around an anglers waist to put fly line as it is stripped in after making a cast. To those who have fished both with and without one in the surf it is a valuable piece of equipment that keeps your line from becoming tangled in your feet, picking up weeds, washing down the beach with waves or tide whichever the case may be and otherwise causing an angler unwanted headaches. However a friend from the shop and i gave it a go anyways in somewhat churned up water and two foot rollers to no avail. We did however see a nice bunch of fish in the entrance of a tributary that will remain nameless. It was not a wasted trip however as we did find some very nice new holding areas and structure along a great flyfishing beach that has never been there in the past and should prove to be very productive, and we saw a bald eagle snatch a fish from the Lake. We'll get em next time.

Lake Erie shoreline last week looked very promising at first but upon closer inspection we found the water to be pretty dirty in close which means no fishes. It was fun to get out in the surf again and cast into that big body of water in hopes of connecting with that silver bullet, fat and silvery from a summer of feeding in the depths.

Not a surf patterns though it may work. This is my version of a great fly for swinging called a prom dress, originated by Scott Howell out west and introduced to me by a great angler that comes in the shop. This is also the first pattern i tied up on the new "Articulated Shank"(also pictured) from fish skull designed for intruders and extended hook style streamers available at the shop. If you tie these types of patterns or swing flies pick some up and give them a try, they are very easy to tie with and no more cutting up other hooks.

2 great fly tying classes with Greg Senyo Saturday Sept. 10th
at Chagrin River Outfitters. Call shop 440 247 7110 or stop in to sign up.
Class is limited to 12 students per session.
Cost per class is $25 and includes all materials
Students need to supply their own vise and tying tools.

Morning session: 10am-12 noon baitfish, articulated streamers, and
sculpin patterns for Fall swinging success.

Afternoon session: 1:30-3:30 Gregs deadliest eggs, nymphs, and buggers guaranteed to bring you more hookups this steelhead season.

Sale at the shop this Thursday Sept. 1st thru Saturday Sept. 3rd We still have a few scott A3 switch rods that are marked down $100.00, simms wading jackets that are perfect for fall steelheading will be on sale, fly tying materials are all 20% off so you can get started stocking your box for fall, fishing shirts, select trout rods, reels, hats, vests and much more so stop on down. We must be loosing our minds due to lack of fishing, no fishing makes us crazy.

It's almost time. Dan and Pete

New Sage One rods, Avenger: coming to a stream near you. Time for restocking that fly box.

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Straight from Bainbridge Island the new Sage One arrived at the shop today. After having a chance to test cast a few last week i was impressed with how well the rod tracked through the casting stroke. Most of the newer lighter rods tend to wobble or bend causing shock waves and sloppy casts while the new Sage one stayed true and on target. I also like the way sage has gone with the grips on not only this rod but all there new rods, they are just more comfortable than any other grips right now. Aesthetically the rod is very pretty to look at resembling the more traditional sage blanks from back in the day. A couple of downsides for this rod however in my opinion, and you all know i like to tell it how it is. First off is cost, ranging from $715-$745 this rod is not going to be for everybody but that is what it is. Secondly the Sage One may come with the most hideous rod tube i have ever seen, it's bad. However you don't cast the rod tube and for my money sage rods are the best across the board from top to bottom. Overall i would give this rod a 9 out of 10 which for me is a pretty high score. With this new rod and the VXP line introduced earlier in the year if you are looking for a mid range to high end rod sage has the best of both worlds.
Avenger: Deadly Fall Swinging Pattern

After fishing different versions of this fly the past few Falls i decided this was a winner and worth sharing. The inspiration or thinking behind this fly came about when looking through my box of hardware i used to cast from the shoreline, marinas, and lower rivers in September and October for steelhead way back when. What i noticed was lots of bright flashy spoons, spinners, and plugs in mainly chartruese, blues, and silvers. Lightbulb, tie a fly that emulates these other lures and colors that worked so well. Guess what???? It works.

The fly tying sections is being restocked and we have a great supply of Lady Amherst and Rhea feathers for only $8 for your intuder style patterns.

Not a great pic but coming in next week we will have the new intruder shanks that have just come out from the fellows at Fish Skull. Great shanks for articulated and extended hook patterns.

Sneak peek at fall streamer line up.

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After years of experimenting to find the right patterns, styles, and colors for swinging for steel
in the Erie tribs we have a bunch of very effective custom patterns coming your way this fall.

A small sample.

Very Deadly.

Justin will be taking care of the intruders.

In all we should have about 18 proven patterns that will get you that tug.

On the fishing front locally the smallies have been munching crayfish pretty good and Bigmouths are slurping popping bugs early and late. Good luck Dan and Pete.