New Gear, fish pics, river report, new shop hours for you.

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Simms waders, cold weather wading pants, fleece and wading jackets make for happy steelheaders. If it says simms you can trust it to perform.

Hot new flies from Greg Senyo arrived yesterday. These nymph patterns are tied by Greg for steelhead alley tributaries, steelhead beware.

Have some new reels in from Nautilus, Tibor, Ross, Hardy, and Abel. If a new reel is in your future look no further.

Chagrin River Outfitters is your switch rod headquarters. The best selection around and the staff that knows how to get you rigged up with the best lines, leaders, tips, and flies.

Swinging on the Conneaut was pretty successful on Wed. before she got to leafy.

Another fish That took a swung fly on Wed. a Purple hobo spey on a T-11 MOW sink tip from rio was the perfect combination.

Large buck that came on one of wild Bills sucker spawns he ties here in the shop.

This angler was on fire Monday. It was a workout just netting fish.

One of the bigger fish we landed on Monday. Lite brite zonker was this ones undoing.

New Shop Hours-Open 7 days a week to better serve fisherman.
Mon 10-6
Tue 10-6
Thurs 10-8
Fri 10-6
Sat 10-5
Sun 10-3

River report:
Most OhioTribs are to high for fishing right now but Pa tribs are prime. In Ohio the Grand tribs and a few smaller creeks will work and look for the Chagrin to be OK by Sunday and the Conneaut and Rocky by Monday. The Grand will be awhile. Fishing overall this Fall has been very good. Everyone coming in the shop seems to be finding a few fish on there outings which is great to hear. With this last rain more fish should have moved into the rivers which means things should only get better from here on out. Good Luck Dan and Pete.

Recent fish pics and river report.

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Fresh PA steelhead from a couple days ago.
Colored up buck that ate a pink sucker spawn.

I think this was our first real double of the season.

Pretty little PA buck couldn't resist an orange egg pattern.

Client pic of his first steelhead caught on his new switch rod while swinging flies.

Same fish as above, very pretty fall steelie.

Swinging on the Grand was pretty good before the rains.

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River report: The recent rains have many of our tributaries high right now but look East for better water. The Erie tribs like Elk have mostly been missed by the rain and drop/clear the quickest. Elk, Walnut, the mile streams, and the Grand tribs should all be fishable on Saturday and Sunday. If the forecast holds true and no more rain is in the area for awhile look for the Rocky, Chagrin, and Conneaut to all be fishable by mid week and have plenty of fresh fish in them. Good Luck Dan and Pete.

River report and a few pics.

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Brett making some nice casts with a spey rod on the Grand Monday. We caught a few and lost a few, nobody feel in, pretty good day.

Rigged up for some swinging on the Grand late morning. Sometimes on a sunny day in stained water a combination of yellow and orange is worth a try.

Fish are in the tribs but with the low water a little spooky in places, not so much in others. Look for faster water with thigh deep depth or better and it should be holding a few fish that are willing to take a fly.

Nice little guy from last week in PA.

Another PA football.

Fishing report:

On the Ohio tribs our fast start has slowed due to the warm temps over the last week. Doesn't mean the fish are not there just that they are not very grabby. With the cooler temps and cold rain look for that to change for the better. Right now the Grand is the place to be for the best conditions. If you are looking to try somewhere else the Chagrin has been ok as well. In the low flows look for fish holding in faster water with depth and you should find some takers.

Shop day This Saturday, Fishing report, no pics camera is broke.

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Shop Day Saturday October 8th: Learn from the best local pro's.

Programs and events:

Brett McCrae 8 am: Early season tactics and Lake Erie Browns. Learn early season guide secrets to putting more fish in the net this Fall and how to improve your chances for a trophy Lake Erie Brown Trout.

Jerry Darkes 9:30 am: Learn why a switch rod must be in your arsenal if you are serious about steelheading the Lake Erie tributaries. Reach more fish, extended drifts, effortless casting, better line management, fighting and landing fish are all made easier by these versatile fishing tools.

Jeff Liskay 10:45am: Switch rods for swinging streamers on Lake Erie tributaries. Learn the proper casts, rod and line combinations, sink tip essentials, and fly patterns to make swinging streamers your go to method for targeting steelhead.

Brett McCrae 1pm: Steelheading 101 seminar. Learn from a veteran steelhead guide secrets to make you a more successful angler this season. Topics covered will include choosing the right rod/reel/line combinations, locating fish throughout the changing seasons, what steelhead are eating and why, understanding river flows and conditions, rigging for success, choosing successful fly patterns, properly fighting and releasing fish.

Greg Senyo fly tying 10am-12 noon. Learn from Greg how to tie flies that trigger more strikes: nymphs, eggs, and minnow imitations for catching more fish this season.

Jeff Liskay and Jerry Darkes 12:15: Switch rod casting demonstration for better understanding how these rods work and why they are such a great tool for steelheaders.

Greg Senyo fly tying 2pm-3:30 pm: Greg explains how to tie and fish some his deadliest extended hook streamer patterns and why they hook more fish.

Fishing Report:
Chagrin and Conneaut are in great shape and had been fishing pretty well before the last rain, no reports since it has come down but it should be good. I fished the Chagrin down low this morning with no luck water was still just a little to dirty for flies, should be great conditions in the morning. Higher up we found much more favorable conditions but same results on the catching. Elk creek has been good but getting on the low side to be sure. If you are going out over the weekend make sure you are on the water at sunup and give it until 11 or so before it gets to warm, Chagrin and Conneaut will be your best bet. Good Luck, Dan and Pete.