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Went out on the upper Chagrin with a friend from the shop to try and swing up a steelhead on some flies that were gifted to me over the holidays from the best fly dresser i know. I know you can't catch fish swinging when the waters cold, Oh you heard that also, well lets give it a try anyway.
When swinging in colder water try lots of flash and movement to wake em up. I would say we have it covered with this bug. These types of flies are also great conversation pieces in the shop or on the river. The conversation usually starts like this when you meet a fellow angler "what the hell is that thing"

Waiting for a grab. Toes are getting chilly.

Took a walk to try a new spot and saw this furry fellow on the shelf ice. Gotta like a good beaver shot.

Still waiting for that grab. Come on fish, don't you know who tied this fly. Then again we all know the phrase "it's not the arrow it's the Indian" In this case it's not the fly that's not doing the job but this spot is usually money. In my defense there was a bunch of ice so i couldn't fish it like i wanted.

There he is. Nice healthy buck that couldn't resist all that fishy flash and wiggle. Also would like to thank Simms for making the best fishing gear on the planet. Water temps like today make you appreciate great performing gear that much more.

Without the extended hook in the cold water i probably wouldn't have hooked this guy. Having learned the hard way this is the way many of my cold water swinging flies are now tied. Otherwise you get the old swing and miss. That is a great grab or tug is followed by not hooking the fish because it got a mouth full of feathers or rabbit but no steel.

Kurt battles a hard earned fish.

A beautiful hen that decided to eat just as we were about to call it a day. Kurt i will not tell everyone what transpired to keep your secret technique safe but it was one of the most interesting ways i have ever seen a steelhead hooked and i appreciate your sharing it with me.

Today was a great day to be outside on the water after that horrific cold snap we had. There is not a ton of water to fish but plenty to get out, wet a line, and maybe if your lucky hook a few fish. As for angling traffic lets just say it was minimal. The water itself was on the clear side with good flow. For indicator fishing this time of year it is hard to beat an orange, yellow, or pink glo bug with a stone fly or white or olive buggers. Happy New Years from Dan and Pete

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With nothing of consequence going on around here thought i would share with you some of the events and favorite pics from the past year. Hope everyone has a great Holiday season and Happy New Years from Dan and Pete.

We would be remiss if we didn't remember the new state record steelhead pulled from the big lake this summer.

Blooper pic from an outing with my wife this fall. Fetch..

One of the fish i managed to catch this year that left a lasting impression from the fight it gave.

I loved the reaction of this little girl when i tried to get her to kiss her first steelhead before releasing it but she was having none of it.

These next couple of pics are from a ccokout we had when all the rivers were blown but guys wanted to spend a day on the water anyway. Spam in a can was the low point of our stream side feast.

Chicken and sausage chili with campfire cornbread was the highlight.

Got a chance to get into some early chromers with my oldest brother which is always a treat.

Lastly my niece Abby with a healthy brown from the yellowstone river this summer. It was here first western trout trip and she proved once again that sometimes it takes a womens touch.

We have heard some rumblings here at the shop of open water on the Grand and Chagrin with anglers who are braving the elements having good success. The latest report came from the Grand today with two anglers catching a dozen fresh fish on eggs. We cannot confirm or deny any of these reports but after you keep hearing things you begin to become interested, we will be doing some investigating over the holidays.

Happy Holidays, new gear pics, 10% off through Christmas.

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Since it looks like the fishing is going to be on hold for awhile thought i would share with you some of the great gift items we have in the shop. Don't forget to take 10% off through Christmas. Happy Holidays from Chagrin River Outfitters.

The new lineup of Regal vises have been well received and sell from $165-$250. If you are in the market make sure to check them out.

New Steelhead Buff, who doesn't want one of these.

Reels from Sage, Hardy and Bauer makes your Christmas merrier. The new Sage 4280 is one of the best steelhead reels on the market for $309.00. The Hardy is a classic for $329.00 and is a great match for a 7 or 8wt switch rod. I have been fishing one all fall on my Powell 8 wt switch with the skagit flight and it's been fantastic. Everyone knows about the Bauers, the cork drag makes it the smoothest reel you will ever own.

Figured i would throw in a few dvd's since it looks like we will not be on the water for awhile. I like all the ones pictured here but Rivers of a lost Coast and Metalhead may be my favorites.

The Scott A3 10 ft 7wt sells for $335.00 with a lifetime warranty and is the most popular steelhead rod on the Great lakes, match it with a Lamson Litespeed and your set for life.

River report updated 12/15/11,shop sale, Happy Holidays from Chagrin River Outfitters.

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Cold temps have anglers staying home and rivers getting icy. Will be back later in the week with more up to date info but the outlook is bleak.

Shop Specials: Free taco bag with simms G3 waders.
10% off all Patagonia fleeces and wading jackets
Free fly line with any rod/reel combo

River Report: Shelf ice, cold dirty water and frozen guides is what you will find on the rivers right now. The temps for the next week are on the cold side. The good news is there are plenty of fish in the rivers to pursue if we do get a warm. Happy Holidays, Dan and Pete.

River report update for 12/7/10, fish pics, steelheading in the snow.

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It's that time of year again that separates the true steelheaders from the fair weather fisherman. Many anglers don't like cold toes and some ice in the guides. To be honest i don't like cold toes or ice either but i do like catching fish and solitude on the rivers.

My best fish of the year so far, 33" eggwagon that if hooked in warmer water i don't know if i would have landed. Three cartwheels, into the backing and chased downstream the hook was barely holding on when i beached her. Al Green string leech was her undoing.

Barry from South Carolina with a pretty little buck.

Another beauty from yesterday that ate a swung white rabbit. Not as big as the first but i will take it.

Colors of a steelhead.

A fresh little skipper that likes orange psycho princes provides a nice battle before being released.

Another fresh hen from Friday goes safely home. Great lakes sparrow in a deep run got this one.
Report update for 12/7/10
With all the snow and cold temps the rivers are getting some shelf ice and are a bit slushy. Look for best fishing in the afternoon. Friday and Saturday are looking good with highs around 37 degrees. Egg patterns have been the hot fly with black stones, princes, copper johns, white dude friendlies, and purple buggers also producing. Good Luck Dan and Pete

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Shop is stocked with great gifts for both giving and receiving this holiday season. Remember to support your local fly shop, whoever that may be, during the holidays.

Matt sent us this pic of a newly arrived steelhead. Congrats.

Brett and a happy client. What a beautiful stripe on that fish.

Orvis mid and large arbor battenkills 30%off while they last.

Scott and i fished on Monday with a decent amount of hookups but only one landed. When you are dealing with fresh fish the hookup to landing ratio sometimes goes down. Also it looks like the flow on the Conneaut is pretty good at 280 cfs and dropping. The flow was high but color was great.

A quick reminder to remember to support your local fly shop this holiday season. As a dealer of all the top brands if we don't have it we can get it and would be happy to do so.

River report:

No Seriously it looks like by Thurs. the Elk and grand tribs will be good with the Chagrin and Rocky being fishable by the weekend. With the colder weather forecasted look to fish mid day and have a lot of the river to yourself. Also look for lots of fresh fish as they began coming up with the rain before and during Thanksgiving and this last rain was on the warm side which should have brought many more fish into the rivers. Good luck, Dan and Pete