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Fly Tying Classes at Chagrin River Outfitters

Dan and I get many questions at the shop and on the river about the flies we love to fish, and how to tie them. Mainly, BIG articulated streamers and tube flies. For many of the patterns, the basic principals are the same, and we just use different materials for different results.

So we decided to host a series of classes to spread the knowledge. One of the classes will be a Big Nasty/ Articulated class. I plan to cover large streamers and articulated flies in this session. This class will not focus on beginner tiers. It is for the intermediate to advanced tier who is looking to step up his tying to the next level. 8 patterns will be covered in this 4-part series. I will provide all materials and pattern recipes for each fly. The goal is for each guest to learn the tricks and techniques that I've learned over the last 15 years ( I average 250+ dozen each year), and walk away with some awesome patterns to add to his arsenal.

The second class will be Tube Flies. This will be 101 level tube-tying instruction. While beginners are welcome, you will gain much more knowledge with some experience. Tube flies are an exciting way to change up th same old patterns, and they have many advantages too!

Sign up by calling the shop (440) 247.7110, or at

Here is the breakdown:

Big Nasty/ Articulated

Feb. 5, 12, 19, 26

cost $80. All materials for classes included

class #1: The junction>>> attaching a trailing hook

  • how to attach, pros/ cons

  • extended hook flies

  • full shank back hook flies

  • working with Fireline

  • Waddingtons/ cut-offs

Patterns: 300lb Ballerina & Articulated Sculpin

class #2: Working with Marabou

  • selecting materials

  • blending colors

  • "bulk without weight"

  • creating different effects

Patterns: Skagit Minnow & Trailer Trash

class #3: Leeches

  • profiles

  • string leeches

  • twisted marabou leeches

  • different rabbit leeches

Patterns: Fireball Leech, Basic String Leech

class #4: Baitfish/ Intruder Style / Putting it all together

  • weighting flies for performance

  • profiles

  • using deer hair in subsurface patterns

  • balancing a fly correctly

Patterns: King Smolt, Intruder

Tube Flies 101

Feb. 3, 10, 17, 24

cost $90. HMH tube fly adapter and tubes included

class #1: From the beginning

  • getting started

  • selecting materials

  • hook styles

  • simple patterns

class #2: Adapting Patterns

  • interchangable bodies

  • nymphs

  • bass bugs

  • stacking tubes

class #3: Big Streamers

  • clouser- style

  • baitfish/ sculpins

  • leeches

  • saltwater patterns

class #4: Classic flies for Great Lakes Use

This class will be a wrap-up, used for questions and more advanced techniques. Some of the patterns will include materials not common or easily available or cheap. It will give you a taste of what is possible!

Big streamers don't work. Nope. Not at all.

So it can't get any colder??

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Wow........... and it can get worse......

On another note, our website is coming along well. We have a lot more to add with content and video, but we're getting there. Also, all the details for our destination trips will be posted soon so if you're interested in joing us for a few days on the Bighorn or Bahama's..... call us ASAP! It will fill quickly... All the details to follow!!

The Cold is Here!

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Just as stated... the bitter cold is here and will sticking around for a while. All the rivers I visited this morning were locked up...... keep warm and get tying!!

Cold & Snowy Week

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Wow, what a week we have ahead of us..... the rivers are already mainly slush, a ton of snow this past weeekend, more today, and then single digits and high winds this week..... The rivers will be shut down for sure.....fasten your seatbelts! Feel free to call the shop for the latest information at 440-247-7110. We'll be out scouting around and we'll report back on the rivers throughout the week.

We're expanding our fly tying selection as well, look for those materials to be in later this week! We've got a few full possum pelts in stock right now for $45 each!! Also, the new Simms Zipper stocking foot waders will be in stock and they're only $299.00

Stop out and check out the new gear coming in daily!!

New Blog is Now Live!

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Welcome to our new blog! Over the next few weeks you'll start to see many changes with our website, our online store, fishing report, this blog, and even the store as we gear up for the sping. We'll be expanding the shop in the near future to bring you even more gear, the top gear available!

Things are not looking good for Steelheaders. The rivers have a lot of anchor and shelf ice already and with highs in the single digits for next week it is going to shut most everything down. We've received about 12" of snow today and the rivers were about 80% locked up with edge ice & slush with a ton of flow ice! The more advanced guys are finding pockets of fishable waters throughout today but single digit temps forecasted for this week are sure to put an end to the open waters for some time. The good news is it is time to start tying flies for the spring run, and to replace all those flies we last this fall. Justin just put in a huge material order that should be in late next week that includes alot of new materials for nymphs, streamers, spey flies, and egg pattern materials that we are looking forward to playing with.

Fishing Tip; Cold water (33-36) Degrees is tough to catch fish in, they are slow and you need to make repeated offerings in order to get a take. Try to fish in the Afternoons when the water has warmed and the slush has burned off. A rise in water temp of only a couple of degrees can make all the difference between fishing and catching.