Merry Christmas and Happy New Years, Shop Sale, fishing report.

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The more things change the more they stay the same along steelhead alley and everywhere i suppose.  2012 has come and just about gone with 2013 right around the corner.  What i have learned or has been re enforced rather with our fishery and anglers is that every year is strangely different but also eerily similar to years past.  Meaning that while conditions, water temps, etc vary from year to year its the angler that perseveres and sticks with it that comes out on top.  Fishing this Fall from October to late November was pretty slow and many anglers put away their gear and focused efforts elsewhere but recently those anglers that stuck with it and kept their flies in the water have been seeing the best fishing of the year with very little fishing pressure.  The forecast is chilly for the next 8 days or so and we will wait and see what happens while hoping for temps to warm a bit.   If they do there are plenty of fish in the Chagrin and Grand rivers for the catching right now.  Happy New Years to all and to all tight lines. 

20-40% off shop clearance sale thru Jan 2nd. includes waders, rods, reels, wading pants, fleeces, and more.

Fly tying with Greg Senyo Saturday December 29th. 12-4 at CRO.

Steelheading is better than its been all year on the Chagrin and Grand but its getting chilly.

December steelheading is many anglers favorite time of year.

Plenty of fish and minimal crowds make December a good time to be on the water.

A Chance at large steelhead is another reason anglers like December.

Shop Sale includes some great fleeces.

Oh yeah did i mention December is a good month to fool a big steelhead.

Simms G4Z waders on sale as well.

Sunglass sale.  Get great optics at a great price.

Fleece pants on sale as well, come on down and start the new year with great savings.

Thanks to all the great customers and friend we have made at CRO that support the shop for a memorable 2012 and here is looking forward to an even better 2013.  

Happy Holidays from your local fly shop.

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Hard to believe that another year has just about passed here along steelhead alley,  Thanksgiving has come and gone and 2013 is just around the corner, amazing really.  Not sure if its possible or not but does time really go faster as you get older?  It seems like it most of the time these days.  However there are times that if I pay attention, usually with a rod in my hand, that things seem to slow down to a very peaceful and manageable pace.  These times though fleeting i am very thankful for this year more than ever.  Hope everyone had a wonderful 2012 and 2013 is your best yet.  On the North Coast of Ohio 2012 has been a tough one for many Steelheaders.  An unusually warm spring had the fish in and out very early and this Fall started good but stalled out after Thanksgiving.  However reports are in that with these last few rains that the fish have arrived in good numbers.  One angler described it as a triple run of fresh fish on an eastern trib on Tuesday and anglers on the lower Chagrin did well also on Tuesday.  So lets keep our fingers crossed and hope that 2012 that came in like a lamb on the fishing front goes out like a lion.  Happy Holidays everyone.
Some pics of a few new gift ideas at the shop and a bunch of fish pics of course.  Remember to please support your local fly shops during the holidays because they support you during the fishing season.
Patagonia Piton Hybrid windproof fleece.  Great for fishing or around town.

If you can't be on the water this I-Pad cover is a nice reminder of where you would rather be.

And if you are on the water why not sport one of these great new fly boxes.

The best waders in the game.

Western style trout belt goes great with your favorite jeans.

Capilene for those cold winter days.

This creek is loaded with chromers right now and December sees a decrease in anglers.  Go get em.

Funny when you put a fish in someones hands it puts a smile on their face.

Early morning hook up.

Lake Erie Tank.

Road Trip to the Salmon provided some exciting hookups.

Salmon River Silver.

Patagonia sun proof long sleeve fishing T-S.  Great as a layering piece or by itself.

Salmon River Chrome.
Happy Holidays and Thank You to all our great customers.

Enjoying the Fall and netting some big fish.

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While my guiding this Fall has taken a back seat to running the shop i have been out a few times.

Like all Falls in Ohio when it comes to steelheading this one has taken on its own personality.  With low lake levels the rivers are dropping much faster than normal, the fishing has been right around average there seems to be a good number of double digit fish in the rivers.

Justin made it back to town and remembered very quickly how to put em in the net.

While John Fabian has gotten the most votes for style points in his photos.

Also with Fabian you know you are going to get some large in the mix as well.

To sum it up the fishing has been decent, with some days better than others as fishing always has been and always will be, river conditions have been great, and the weather has been beautiful.

Add that to plenty or rivers to fish and plenty of elbow room and you have steelhead alley in Ohio in the Fall.  Get out there and enjoy.  Its also getting around that time of year to remember to support your local fly shop during the Holidays.  See you on the river.

Here we go.

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Yes its time once again.

Time to get together with a few buds and hit the rivers for some steelhead.

Ot hit the river by yourself and find an old friend waiting for you.

The first few of the year get that fire burning again.

With the recent rains the start of November should also be the start of some great fishing.

So good luck to all you steelheads and hope everyone finds a few like this.

Dont forget to hit the shop as well and check out the great new flies and gear.

Free guided fishing,new gear, cold rain means chromer time.

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 Cold rains have once again brought steelhead back to the tributaries of Lake Erie in North East Ohio.  The Savvy steelheaders out there have all ready taken advantage of the early opportunities and struck chrome while others are still waiting to wet a line.  The lower Chagrin had been fishing very well for early October and the last few days of rain will jump start this season.  Anglers on the west side have been enjoying good fishing on the Rocky as well.  The east side tribs like the Conneaut and Elk have not been getting as much water as we have here but did get some which will help.  Time to celebrate the return of the steelhead and go fishing. 
Shop Events for October: 
Free Guided fishing trips:  Spend the equivalent of a full day trip ($375) at Chagrin River Outfitters and receive a free half day of guided steelhead fishing.  Offer good October 11th, 12th and 13th.
Saturday October 13th:  Free fly line and reel cleaning.  Clean/new fly lines float higher and cast further.  Come down to the shop and we will get your line and reel as good as new.
Saturday October 20th: Fly tying Fall swinging patterns with Greg senyo 12-4.

Our guides have been doing there homework and are ready to put you on some fish, call and book your trip today.

Fresh fish are what this time of year is all about.

The first one of the year sucks you right back in.
 Shop is stocked up with the latest in switch and single hand rods for those looking for a new weapon.

Thanks to the folks at Simms pants for wearing under your waders are better that ever.  Come grab a pair and be more comfortable than ever while fishing.

 The best bargain in steelhead reels is the Nautilus FWX but they can be hard to get.  We just got ten from the factory but the will go fast.  Get yours today at Chagrin River Outfitters.

Good polarized optics are a must have for fisherman.  If you have them you know what i mean, if you don't make a point to get some.

The Fish are in.   Go get em and remember to be courteous to your fellow angler please.

Free Seminars , new flies in fly tying blog.

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Saturday September 22nd: Chagrin River Outfitters Fall Shop Days. 8:30 am-4pm
All day events, seminars, fly tying, rigging, casting lessons and instruction from local fly fishing guides. Gear giveaways from simms, regal vises, sage and more. Great sales. Instructional seminars include
 Steelheading 101 8:30 am: Comprehensive overview of steelheading the great lakes tributaries and the rivers and streams of Northeast Ohio. Including proper gear, river flows, fly patterns, rigging, and more.
 Spey and Switch rods for great lakes steelhead 10:30am: Why two handed rods for the Great lakes tribs, what are the best choices and why, selecting flies, lines, and sink tips, casts you need to know.
Spey and switch rod casting demos 1pm. 
Guide secrets to rigging for success all day
Fly tying:
Egg patterns (all day)
Swinging Patterns 10-3 Intruders, dear hair sculpins, marabou speys, prom dress and more.
2 new flies in fly tying blog.
Come to the shop day and have your box looking like this.

Fall Seminars lineup, New fly in fly blog

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Its getting to be that time of year again around steelhead alley and your favorite fly shop.  Flies are being tied, the weather channel is being paid attention to a little more,  rumors are circulating of early steelhead in the lower rivers, new gear is showing up at the shop daily, lines are being cleaned and replaced, new gear is being fondled and caressed, old waders are being patched.  In other words things are getting back to the way we like it. 
With the coming of Fall also brings Fall seminars at the shop and this year we are doing more than ever to show or support for our local anglers in and around steelhead alley.  Last week Greg Senyo put on a great fly tying show for us and unveiled some exciting new materials for all on hand.  Looks like another exciting Fall season is heading our way and i for one can't wait.     
  Saturday September 8th, 10am-3pm: Kevin Feenstra  Fall Steelhead/Salmon Seminar:  Kevins presentation will focus on strategies for targeting Fall fish in Great Lakes tributaries followed by fly tying demonstrations showing off some of his favorite patterns that have made him a legend among great lakes fly fishers. 
Saturday September 15th and 29th:  On the water spey casting classes with Will Turek.  8am-12noon.  Expert two handed casting instruction limited to 4 students.  $100.00 per student.  Classes will fill fast.  Sign up at shop or call 440 247 7110.  Payment required at time of booking.
Saturday September 22nd:  Chagrin River Outfitters Fall Shop Days.  8:30 am-4pm
All day events, seminars, fly tying, rigging, casting lessons and instruction from local fly fishing guides.  Gear giveaways from simms, regal vises, sage and more.  Great sales.   Instructional seminars include
Steelheading 101 8:30 am:  Comprehensive overview of  steelheading the great lakes tributaries and the rivers and streams of Northeast Ohio.  Including proper gear, river flows, fly patterns, rigging, and more.
Spey and Switch rods for great lakes steelhead 10:30am:  Why two handed rods for the Great lakes tribs, what are the best choices and why, selecting flies, lines, and sink tips, casts you need to know. 
Saturday October 20th:  Fly ting with Greg Senyo from 12noon-4pm. 
Fall Gear is arriving daily.  Simms cold weather shirt amd primaloft vest go together like pees and carrots

Greg added some color to our fly bin last week.

Simms wader selection now includes G4 zip, G4 pro, G3 guide, Headwaters, and Headwaters Pant.  Gore tex made in the USA, if you want to be dry you want Simms.

Fox dubbing brushes and wacko hackle are among many new fly tying materials getting tiers excited this season.

And of course if you need something to tie those flies on new shanks are in stock as well. 
Learn how to tie the low rider in the fly tying blog, may be a fall for smaller sparser swinging patterns.