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Smart Clients Fish with Chagrin River Outfitters, Jeff and Kevin
are very smart.


Grand River: 660cfs with very limited visability, around 5 inches today when we looked at it this morning.

Conneaut: Much imporved flow on the conny, she got some rain and is running clear with some color in the holes. Fished down low this morning and did get a few chromers.

Chagrin: 330 cfs and is a very sexy green. The Chagrin has been fishing very well and there were some chrome fish all the way up to Gates Mills before this rain and i am sure more followed last night and today. Vis is around 2 ft.

If you are plannning on hitting the rivers in the next few days i would recommend the Conneaut or the Chagrin for East side streams. The Chagrin will hold its color a little longer than the Conneaut from the looks of things. Lately Caddis larva, Golden Stones, soft hackle pheasent tails, red, orange, and yellow, glo bugs and orange sucker spawns have all been fishing well.



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One from last week.

We saw these guys on the river this past week.
As of right now we did receive some rain in the area and the rivers got some much needed water though we still need more. We will be on the water tommorrow to take some pics and get the updated info and reports you have come to expect from Chagrin River Outfitters.
The Chagrin increased in flow and has some color to it and should continue to fish well. Much more rain fell further East and the Grand is on the rise and Conneaut received .28 inches so it shouild be on the rise as well with fish coming in as you read this. If you are going out in the next day or so looking for silver bullets try fishing closer to the lake as fresh fish will be pushing up but probably not vary far. Fish that have just entered the river hammer streamer and baitfish so you can't go wrong with white, Gray, or Olive streamers.


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The Chagrin looked more like a spring creek this morning than an Ohio Steelhead river but the fish were willing if you matched the water conditions. Small natural colored offerings proved effective and usually outproduce everything else when the rivers are flowing this clear. The Chagrin has plenty of fish as do all the other East side streams and are fishing best the first and last few hours of the day. The grand is getting low but still holding plenty of color to provide consistent action. The Conneaut is also fishing well despite the low clear water if you downsize your presentations and stick with natural colors.

Tips for fishing low clear water include as mentioned above downsizing your offerings and using natural colored nymphs and pastel colored eggs, Also flourocarbon leaders and tippet, are a good way to entice more strikes. If you are swinging streamers olive, brown, tan, and Gray are all good choices and think small. The flies we where swinging this morning were no more than an inch and a half and very sparcely tied. Also remember the fish are a little spooky and usually are looking for cover. If you can find some deeper water with wood and trees for cover that is where you will find the fish.
Make sure to stop by the shop on Saturday to take advantage of some great sales taking place in the shop. We are offering great prices on jackets, rods, reels, and layering pieces to name a few all day long.
9am Clark Smyth of Rock creek anglers will be giving a great slide show and presentation on northern Wyoming and Eastern Montana trout fishing on some of the best trout fishing rivers in the world.
10:30 Brett Mcrea and Matt hynes will do a switch rod casting demo and Jerry Darkes will be on hand to help answer all of your questions about the great new switch rods for Steelhead fishing.
11:30 Sean Swatsky of fly and float is coming over for the East side Center Pinners to do a casting Demo that will be very informative from beginner to experts.
12:30 pm Matt Hynes will be giving a must see Steelhead seminar that we can all learn from that includes a great slide show just in time for all of use to increase are success rate during the spring steelhead run.
Hope to see you all Saturday and good luck on the rivers.


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I love the new switchrods!!!

Lots of great fishing has been happening here on Steelhead Alley and elsewhere as well. First things first i apologize about the lack of reports but was out of town and Justin and Matt had there hands full tending shop and getting clients into some serious steelhead action.

The past week provided some great fishing opportunities for those of you chasing springtime steelhead and all the rivers fished very well with the Rocky being the exception as reports from the west side have not been great. However i would not worry as i am sure with this next rain that will change in a hurry. For now there are still plenty of fish around but most rivers have become very low and clear making the catching a little difficult at times. The Grand is holding plenty of color still and fishing the best of all the rivers. Good news is on the way as rain is in the forecast just in time to give us a new push of fish for the weekend.

Sight fishing to cruising snook proved very difficult!!!

This is more like it, Steelhead double!!!

Little Tuna pull hard!!!

Drop back hen from Monday!!!

Another Little Tuna hookup!!!

We got this 125# nightime Tarpon to the boat but he didn't want
his picture taken, Camera shy i guess!!!

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Yes Virgina, Spring in Ohio does exist

I'm not discounting another snowstorm (like the one we had last April), but Spring may be here. Or at least very, very close. The first greenery is popping out of the duff in the flood plains, and that funny sound you will hear outside is birds chirping. Things are certainly looking up.
Here are some pics from the past week.

Chuck with probably the smallest steelhead I've ever seen.

There you go Chuck! I knew you could catch a big steelie! And on a 6 weight no less!! (not recommended). You must've had a good coach. It was too bad you forgot the scotch.

Doug with his first steelhead. Ever. Not bad for a rookie! If you saw him fight the fish, you would've thought he was an old pro. Great job!

I fished the Chagrin today, and it was alot of fun. Not many fish around yet, but the weather was fantastic and the spey fishing was pretty good. The vis was about 16-18". I threw mostly big stuff; black string leeches and big deer-hair sculpins from the shop, and a few brighter patterns.

This was the big fish of the day:

What fly did it eat do you ask? Sorry. Secret pattern. Proprietary technology. Industry secret.

Oh, and this was one of the patterns covered in the CRO Big 'N Nasty fly tying class. It's called an "Intruder", and it was developed by a friend of mine in the Pacific Northwest named Ed Ward. Works great in the Great Lakes region too. Crafty tier, that Ed.


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Conneaut Below rt 90 Grand @ Vrooman Rd.

Below: Steelhead Heads....

Pretty Freakin' High.....With more to come!!!!

However there were plenty of Steelhead on the move yesterday in and around the river mouths and the smaller tribs. We witnessed many fresh fish making there way upstream as best they could while fighting this spring torrent. Many where seen negotioating very shallow fast runs while others we watched trying to leap downed logs, waterfalls, and sometimes other fish because the were so thick.

Top:Steelhead fight for position under falls.
Bottom: Large hen making her way upstream through
Fishing today (Tuesday the 10th) has been very good on Elk, smaller PA tribs, and smaller OH tribs as well. If the rain holds off fishing should remain great on these smaller waters as the larger rivers are still a good way from being fishable. However 1"-2"'s is in the forecast threatening to at least blow things out for a while longer and perhaps flood some people out as well, lets hope that does not happen. One things is for sure and that is once this water comes down to fishable levels there will be more steelhead in the rivers than we have seen all year.


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We hope everyone had a chance to get out this past week or weekend to enjoy some beautiful March weather and get in on the steelhead action. Most anglers we talked with in the shop and on the river met with some success, and were very excited with the extended outlook of our spring run. Minnow and streamer patterns produced many fish this past week as did black stones, caddis larva, princes, glo bugs, hot spot buggers, and psych princes.

As most of you know right now it is raining steadily and blowing out our rivers for at least a few days. The good news is this will provide for good fishing again later in the week and next weekend is looking very good. Until then fill up your fly boxes or stop in the shop to restock as it is going to be a great spring on steelhead alley.


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Fish are on the move and on the bite is on.....Our guys were out again yesterday, leaving yours truly to mind the shop, and they had another memorable march outing. The bite was hot all afternoon with fresh fish blasting upstream through the riffles and into the tailouts everywhere you looked.

Hot flies, and i mean hot, were lite brite zonkers in white, hot spot buggers in pink/white, great lakes sparrows in black and olive, pink and orange glo bugs, and gorman eggs.

10# Hen

The Grand had some good fishing yesterday for bait guys while fly guys hooked some fish but struggled with the visibility and cold water temps for the most part. The Chagrin continues to fish very well with alot of fresh fish flitering in, the Vermilion has also been good and what we have heard on the Rock is second hand, so i will not post it here but i am sure things will be picking up there shortly. The Conneaut is in good shape and fishing OK and should be loaded with fish in the next week or so.

The Release!!!


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Chagrin Buck!!!

The boys in the shop have been playing some serious hooky this past week and the Steelhead have been paying for it. The fishing has been OK in some places and better in others but overall pretty consistent. The Chagrin, both upper and lower is fishing well while the Visibility on the Grand is OK for bait but marginal for flies. The Vermilion had a good push of fish and is fishing well while we have not heard much on the Rock. The Conneaut has lots of ice, especially down low but that will begin to break up here pretty quickly so that river will be an option this weekend. There is a good mix of fresh fish and older fish in the rivers keeping rods bent and the fresh fish should start to outnumber the older fish here in the next week.

The forecast is outstanding with temps that look like early April instead of early March with nightime lows not low at all so slush will not be a problem in the mornings for a while, Giving us all day to get out and fish which is all we have been waiting for.

Flies that have been working well have been our hot spot stones, Russian River Specials, scrambled eggs, Princes, glo bugs, and psycho princes.

Tuesday Was Chilly!!!


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Examples of some of the great patterns you
will see!!!

This Wed. March 4th from 6-9 join Greg Senyo and the staff of Chagrin River Outfitters for an evening of fly tying that should not be missed if you fish for Great Lakes Steelhead, Bass, trout, pike, muskies, or any other predator fish that feed on baitfish, minnows, and leeches. There will be three excellent tiers for you to see in the shop on Wed. that are tying some of the most productive streamer patterns found anywhere on Steelhead Alley.

This event will features tube and extended hook flies that allow you to hook and catch more fish due to rear hook placement and the type of hooks being used on this style of flies. We have been using these flies almost exclusively for swinging streamers on switch and spey rods and have noticed an increase in not only the numbers of fish hooked but also in the numbers of fish landed as well. The tube flies are also being used to tie egg, nymphs, and buggers for indicator fishing and have proven very effective.

If you don't tie tubes come down anyway and get some ideas on new patterns, new materials, or ways to use materials you allready have that you may not of that of.

During this event we will be offering 10% off all fly tying supplies in shop as a thank you for stopping down and joining us.

We will also have in the shop for the first time a great selection of Eumer fly tying products including tube bodies, finn racoon, artic fox, and monster cones to name a few.

These leeches are killer!!!