Simms wader rebate program is back...what's happening on the fishing scene around the way.

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Just in time for steelhead/salmon and fall saltwater blitzes the simms wader rebate program is back. If you have been wanting to get into the most comfortable, best performing wader on the water now is your chance. Bring in any old pair of breathable waders you no longer use to the shop and walk out with a new pair of GoreTex simms waders for $50.00 off. You'll be glad you did.

Since it's late August in Ohio and not much is happening i figured i would share some family pics from the last couple of weeks that i received. Here Justin is about to release one of my favorite catching and eating fish, the Atlantic bonito. These guys are speedsters and challenging quarry on the fly pole.

We tried for some Pike again yesterday on a new stretch of river to no avail.

But we had a nice boat ride.

Here my niece Abby kicks back on the Madison after some great early morning fishing.

Another of Abby with a Beauty from the Yellowstone river.

She even let her dad and uncle catch a few as well. Even though it looks like one of them may still be under the influence from the evening prior. Can you guess who it is.

Hopefully in the near future we will have some surf steelhead pics which should be just around the corner and the recent reports of fresh Salmon in the lower Pere Marquette seem to be legit for those chasing Kings. New gear and old standbys have been coming into the shop everyday and the fly selection is better than ever with more on the way so stop in, check out some new stuff and say hello.
Dan and Pete

Burning river pike expedition....

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Being our first time targeting pike we were not sure what to throw but figured big, noisy, and gaudy was a good start.

Intermediate lines, wire leaders and flies that are not fun to cast all day.

There's one.

Had some pretty sweet takes.

Brought three small guys to the boat, missed 4 or 5 others and moved a few bigger ones in about three hours. Not bad for first time prospecting

And had a great time in the process.

Oh yeah we saw John Wayne, one of my all time favorite bad asses.

And an alligator, which would not eat anything we threw at it.

Usually impromptu "Hey lets go Pike fishing" trips seem like a good idea at the time but end up with poor results in the fish catching department. Today we had some success and were very satisfied with our first time efforts. The fish we landed were all pretty small but we did move a few large ones that didn't eat and figured a few things out in the process that make fishing fun. For instance Chartreuse was a good color while red/yellow were just marginal and what kind of cover we were getting strikes around that the fish seemed to prefer. We are all ready talking about trying a different stretch of river this week, will let you know how that turns out.

What we have been up to lately....New fly pattern in fly blog

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"Invasive Species"
New in Fly tying Blog
Took an Ohio steelheader in search of wild PA browns for his first trout fishing experience

Saw some beautiful sights

Caught a bunch of wild PA brown trout

Had decent dry fly action with trico spinners

Not a bad way to spend a few days in August.

Spent some good quality family time with the girls and my little brother.

And we even took some time to do some personal fishing which is rare these days.

That's what we've been doing. Now it's time to start thinking about steelhead, do we ever stop. We have been getting the shop stocked up with a bunch of new fly tying materials and fly patterns and thinking about a cool wet September. Hope everyone is having a great summer and see you in the shop. Dan and Pete