Winter time on steelhead alley.

Posted by Dan | Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Things have settled into a winter time pattern here on steelhead alley.  The rivers are opening back up due to one of our bizarre winter warm ups; but thats a good thing because before they froze the fishing was very good.  All three major East side rivers had plenty of fish so keep your eye on things and if the weather is right after the thaw and drop give it a go because the fish are in.  Below you will find some neat new tying materials, fish pics, and another surprise.  Tight lines in 2013 and stop on in.

New tying materials have been hitting the shelves of your favorite fly shop.  This new marabou is the best you will find for spey patterns.

We also have some custom stuff you can't get anywhere else, like this olive Rhea.(also available in hard to find white and blue)

On the rivers the fishing had been very good, then it froze, and now its thawing again.  With some luck we will get a few days of
fishing in.

The quality of the fish this year has been pretty darn good as well,  quite a few large in the mix.

As always great new products continue to arrive, like these new steelhead themed buffs. 

I like the spey fly buff, makes me want to tie a fly and go fishing.