Hooray, we missed the rain, now lets go fishing.

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Swung some big pretties on the Chagrin last night to no avail.

So a few fish roll but the water was still pretty brown. It is looking like great conditions for the weekend and there will be plenty of fish.

The Chagrin will be prime for the weekend as will the Rocky. The Conneaut should be on fire by Sunday and the Grand is blown out until October. The Grand tribs are fishing OK as well. The few reports we have been getting are all good with lots of big fresh fish so lets hope they are right and we can salvage a couple of weeks from this season. See you on the water, Dan and Pete.

What to do, get a free reel and 30 day trout club membership, spin bugs with April Vokey, check out the film tour?

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It's time for that new rod:
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Fishing/river report:
On the fishing front it has been a wacky week. More rain has the big rivers blown while the smaller tribs have been ok. There are plenty of fresh fish in the rivers and fishing should be fantastic if we ever get to try the big water. Watch the weather and if the rain holds off look for the Rocky and Chagrin to be prime by Friday. In the meantime stick to the small stuff like the Grand Tribs, and Elk and you will be OK.

Steelhead report and river conditions. April Vokey in the shop Monday April 25th

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Plenty of these in the rivers, but with all the rain it has been hard to get at them.

It's been more of the same for Ohio steelheaders recently, a couple of days of good fishing squeezed in between 10 days of high water. The rivers are dropping nicely and we will have opportunities to fish tomorrow on Elk, The Grand Tribs, and the upper Chagrin by tomorrow afternoon. They are calling for more rain on Friday afternoon which would be bad but it is supposed to come in the form of thunderstorms which are very hit or miss, lets hope for a miss. Good luck and we will see you in the shop and on the water, Dan and Pete.

April Vokey with a Biggun'.

April Vokey of Flygal Adventures is a top guide for steelies!April is a flyfishing guide and instructor who lives in Chilliwack, B.C., where she spends most of her days on the local rivers hunting for wild steelhead,with her Spey rod in hand. Also an avid fly tyer, April’s passion lies with classic and modern salmon patterns and techniques. Join her at Chagrin River Outfitters On Monday April 25th from 5-7 as she ties a couple of her favorite steelhead flies, talks about swinging flies, and shares some of her techniques that make her so successful on some of the toughest fish in the world.

Steelhead outlook and PA trout pics

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Jim's first steelhead caught on the Chagrin last Thursday.

Wild PA brown that whacked a baby brown trout imitation.

This is for everyone that comes in the shop asking for flies for big browns that think i'm crazy when i hand them a 5 inch streamer pattern. This giant brown had just eaten two 6 inch salamanders, 2 large crawfish, and was still hungry. Big trout eat meat.

Conditions were perfect for targeting browns, rising water means stream bred brown trout are on the feed.

Another one that smacked an olive sculpin.

A few for the frying pan.

Yikes, another impressive brown that was looking for a big meal.

High spring flows means getting down deep with sinking lines and big flies.

Pennsylvania elk are getting more and more numerous.

Rivers are up again and more rain tonight is what the man is saying. Lets hope it is not to much as the fishing was really starting to heat up. Check back later in the week for updates but right now if the rains don't come Elk will fish, the Grand tribs, and maybe the upper Chagrin by tomorrow afternoon. If the rain does come we should be OK by Friday and for the weekend. Good Luck Dan and Pete.

River report with pics...

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Of a heavily spotted smallmouth, someone told me once what these markings are from but i forgot, sorry. Fresh fish from a chilly morning last week.
Ready to roll this morning for some swinging on the Chagrin.
Everyone at the shop wants to know when will it stop raining and where are the fish?

Well the fish are in the rivers, in the Lake, or in somebody's smoker. I don't know when it will stop raining. I do know that anglers on the upper Chagrin today did pretty well with fresh fish that smashed flies, broke some lines, and broke some hearts in the process. The rest were brought to the net, photographed and released to fight another day. With todays rain the Chagrin will probably be unfishable until late tomorrow afternoon when the upper stretches will clear up enough for fly anglers to fish again. The Conneaut is dropping into shape and should be ready to go by tommorrow or Wendsday at the latest which gives us a nice outlook for the rest of the week. Elk Creek also got a nice push of fresh fish as well. Lite brite zonkers, river roe eggs, black psycho princes and steelhead princes have been very hot. Good Luck and see you in the shop and on the river, Dan and Pete.

River update Friday April 8th...

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Well the rain clouds paid use a visit again and dumped some more rain today. The Chagrin is blown out as well as the Rocky, V, and Grand. The good news is the further East you go the less rain the rivers received. The Conneaut should be in good shape by Sunday, Elk Creek is fishing in PA and some smaller East side tribs will be OK for the weekend including the Grand Tribs. Good Luck Dan and Pete. In the higher stained water Black and Purple buggers, Orange and Chartreuse egg patterns and large (sz 6-8) rubber legged nymphs will work best. Good Luck Dan and Pete.

April+warm rain = fresh fish.

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Good fish from the Grand on Friday.

We are in the middle of a good rain storm here in Northeast Ohio on this fine spring morning. Currently we have received around an inch of rain with a little more supposed to fall this afternoon. Look for a good push of fish to be in the rivers when they start to clear as all signs are pointing towards a strong run. The little skippers that usually precede the runs of bigger fish have been moving upstream for about a week and this warm rain will raise water temps and get the bigger fish on the move. As always we will keep you up to date on conditions but look for this rain to have everything blown out until late in the week. Good Luck Dan and Pete.

Pretty good....

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has been the general feeling about the fishing this past week and going into the weekend. Nobody seems to be finding great numbers of fish in any one area but everyone seems to be finding a few here and there which is ok, as soon as the water begins to warm numbers will increase. For the weekend the Chagrin and Rocky are on the low side while the Conneaut is getting low as well but still has some color. Also after mixed reports on conditions on the Grand i went and looked at it yesterday down low around the 84 bridge and it looked really good, in fact i'm going there now. Good Luck Dan and Pete
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