Kevin Feenstra at the shop this Saturday Jan. 22nd, new simms G4 and guide wading jackets have arrived and they are sweeeeeet!!!!

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Saturday January 22nd

CRO welcomes Kevin Feenstra as he will be presenting on swinging flies for great lakes steelhead and tying with synthetic materials and how to incorporate these materials into steelhead flies to catch more fish. Presentation is from 10am-11am with fly tying from 11:30am to 2:30pm. Kevin ties some of the most productive and innovative flies patterns found anywhere and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to catching steelhead. No matter how you fish for steelhead this presentation will help you be more successful.

If you want more of this make sure to be here for the seminar on Sat.

You know what big fans of simms we all are here at the shop and they are doing it again this year. Continuing to improve on the best fishing gear there is and lowering prices. Much of there core gear is all new this year and less expensive. New guide jacket now only $299.00 in simms orange will blow your mind. Check it out.

Fish pics form last week, river report, shop news.

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Many of those who got out on the water last week found some very good fishing in both Ohio and PA. Here at the shop we hit Elk hard early in the week, doing very well and then stayed closer to home as the Upper Chagrin conditions became more fishable and found some good fishing there as well. Other reports came in from anglers on the Rocky and Conneaut that managed to catch a mix of fresh and older steelhead on both spinning and fly tackle. Again it was anglers in the know who got out and took advantage. These windows of opportunity to get out and catch fish this time of year are fairly common but can be hard to recognize and are missed by many would be anglers. If you need to know the actual conditions and what is actually happening on the rivers when the going gets tough just check out our blog or call the shop, we are always happy to help and with our dedicated staff of anglers and great customers the info is always firsthand and up to date. Speaking of up to date the rivers are currently built back up with shelf ice and slush. Not much open water and what is there is hard to access. Time to tie flies again.
Dan and Pete

Yes Skagit Master II is in the shop but going fast. Have about 6 left.

This group of pics are from a new client i had last Tuesday.

His name is Marshall from Co. and walked in the shop around 11am Tuesday Morning looking to go steelheading.

It took a little doing but after a few phone calls and throwing some gear together we hoped in the fishmobile and made our way to the river.

As a guide i am always a little hesitant about fishing after a three week freeze up without any scouting because the fact is you are fishing in the dark which is ok if you are not paying for it.

But he insisted on going and who was i to deny a guy from Co. his first chance at a Lake Erie steelhead?

It may have been a little bit luck but we ended up having a great afternoon of fishing, we hooked 11 and landed 7. I will take luck any day, also this was not the first time Marshall took fish with the long rod. In fact i was impressed with his angling all day as he made all the casts and mends he needed to in order to have a successful day on the water, it was a pleasure to watch.

Brett and Fabian know when the gettin's good. They went out and had some ridiculous days of fish catching. I will now throw numbers around but Fabian said it was on of the best days in years.

Here is John with one of many fish landed last week. Knowing the conditions and when these opportunities exist is about paying attention. So pay attention because these windows come along and John and Brett are getting tired of catching all these fish by themselves.

Big shop sale, Skagit Master II arriving this week, river report.

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Having a great big sale at the shop this week, up to 40% off on fleece tops and bottoms, wading jackets, and some discontinued rods and reels as well. If you want to get in on the action don't wait because it's all great gear at great prices and will go fast. Sale runs from Tuesday Jan. 4th thru Saturday Jan 8th. There are some great steelhead and trout rods we need to move as well as some great reels for everything from trout to bonefish.

Also got a call from our DVD supplier today and he is sending us, hot of the presses, the much anticipated Skagit Master II. Should arrive by Thursday. I can't wait.

Rivers are very much open from Vermilion to Erie but cold temps have them a bit slushy until early afternoon. Afternoon fishing today was good on Elk creek and a few smaller tribs that have cleared up. I wish after one of this mid winter blowouts we have the temps would stay moderate for a week or so to get in some fishing. Lets hope for some mild temps somewhere in the next couple weeks so we can get on the water. We'll keep you posted. Dan and Pete