Free Fly Casting Lessons, Great new addition to the shop, an Alaskan King and sidewalk sale....

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Chagrin River Outfitters would like to introduce you to Peter Alves. Peter or "Swinging" Pete has been at the shop here for about two months and this Cape Cod transplant has taken to the Great Lakes like a fish to water so to speak. Pete is one of those anglers with a laid back style of fishing by a man who has been at this sport for a long time, but don't be fooled by this approach as all you have to do is add water and his fly rod is bending to the weight of a fish. Pete's fishing accomplishments, experience, and knowledge is to vast to list here and he would never tell you about them unless you asked and would be embarrassed if i did it for him because his best quality and highest interest is helping others become better fly fisherman, making him a great addition to our staff. Welcome aboard Pete......

Peter Alves with one of the first Bluefin Tuna ever captured on the long rod....

As a way to get to know some of the local crowd Pete will be giving free fly Casting lessons at the shop here this Saturday the 25th from 11-3. As an FFF certified casting instructor Pete can teach us all a little something about the art of casting a fly rod. For those interested come on down to the shop Saturday to take advantage of this great opportunity and meet the latest addition to our staff.

Chagrin River Outfitters Super Steelhead Guide Matt Hynes at his summer day
job in Alaska...Guiding clients to Giant fly rod Kings...for the best local guides
in the business....Chagrin River Outfitters

Up to 50% off
Chagrin River Outfitters will be having a sidewalk sale this Thursday-Saturday. Come down to take advantage of some great deals on clothing, gear, fly lines, etc...If you are getting outfitted for a summer trip now's the time to stop in....

Cure for the Summertime Blues

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Summer doldrums dragging you down?

Come . . .

Paucity of piscatorial pursuits fanning your funk?
to . . .

Longing for a little more liquid in your diet?

Like this guy. Granted, he is from PA. Pittsburgh in fact. His name is Paul. He's fished all over the place. He's spent lots of time on PA's best water: Penns, the Little J, and so on. But his best PA trout ever, that would be the lovely gal pictured above, came from the Youghiogheny, the Yough, and to those with a love of the literary, the river Y. Paul says he'll be back soon.

By the end of the day Paul had put 8 fish in the net, and if we both had made a few different moves we could have doubled that. Not a twenty fish day on the Green or the Bighorn, but a good day, especially if you take into account the venue: an hour from Pittsburgh and three hours from Cleveland.

Sound good? Come on over for a visit. We're happy to tailor a day or more to make sure you have a great time. From float trips on the river for trout or bass to wade fishing small mountain streams for native brookies and wild browns, we've got something for everyone.

If you'd like to come fish with us, call (724) 433-7151, or email And if you're on the fence, stop in to see the boys at CRO. They'll give you a push and let you know what you'll need for the trip.

We'll look forward to seeing you on the water.

Sweet summer tailwater

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It may seem strange to hear a PA trout bum celebrate the arrival of July, a month that on many area streams means hot water and unhappy trout. Despite that, if I had to pick a month to fish PA, July would be the one, and not for the terrestrial fishing in the central part of the state (though that's great as well). The real reason is that this month has proven to be the best for fishing my favorite PA trout water--the Yough. Right now we have great bass and trout fishing, all you have to do is decide which you'd like to chase.

We had a great day on the river yesterday, catching trout on streamers, dries, and nymphs. The river levels have finally stabilized now that the crazy floods June brought have abated, and the fish are acting like they typically do in March (probably because they haven't seen a fly or lure for a month).

This great brown trout fell for an Iso nymph fished below a dry. Predominant hatches on the river now are caddis, blue winged olives, and Isonychia. You can also expect fish to be looking for terrestrials and crane flies and as always, nymphs and streamers will get 'em too. We are hoping to see some Hexagenias in the next week or so as well.

If you'd like to come chase some tail with us, check out the website at for contact info. We still have some summer dates open.