Springtime in the midwest....

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 is a great time to be a bugslinger, weather your chasing cold water trouts or warm water bass things are going strong.  For bass its been streamer time for sure but don't be afraid to go top water as the waters are warming and the top water bite has been picking up considerably.  For trout we all know its traditionally prime time for dry fly fishing which we all love but the heavy rains in central PA have many rivers and streams running high and hard.  For me that means break out the 6 weight with a sinking line and chuck a big meal for those big PA trout that are typically hard to fool.  A few pics of what streamer fishing has been like around the way.

 Not gonna hot spot but when this PA river runs high there is not a soul around because its to hard to wade.  However packs of trout slashing at a streamer can be good motivation.

This lucky winner or loser depending on your point of view was one of six trout trying to grab a yellow conehead zonker.

Butter.  Black/red is a deadly streamer color combo for brownies.

One more streamer brown to finish off the day.

On the local front green fish, that is smallmouth and largemouth, have been banging whatever hits the water.

Fabian poses with a grand river lake run bronzeback.

It always surprises me that more people don' target these fish locally...your missing out.

PA browns, brookies, and green drakes.

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When most trout nuts think Green Drakes they picture big bugs being gulped up by big fish, on big water, not a bad mental picture and you can't blame them and i used to be the same, and still am sometimes.  However anymore i am just as happy on a small mountain stream where the fish average 6 inches long with the potential for a trophy 10 incher and there is not another 2 legged angler around for miles.  With this in mind as the crowds grew during the green drake frenzy on our most recent trip to PA we decided to go small.  Small streams, small rods, and typically smaller fish though there are exception.  While we did catch plenty of fish around the average size of brookies on streams only 15 feet wide we came across something else very interesting and the equivalent to hitting the wild brookie lottery.....beaver dams.  Beaver dams on small streams make a virtual swimming pool for fish used to being confined to smaller spaces, allowing them to grow larger, for brookies that is.

A fish like this is cause for celebration...when its average size your dreaming.

And they kept coming, slashing at green drakes like they were t-bones.
This guy would not take a dry so a dropper added below the dry was the ticket. 
The bottom end of the pool created by the dam

Looking over the top. 

As i came around the bend and saw this a choir of angels started singing.

Throw in a bunch of these guys and it doesn't get any better.

Your about to get eaten.

This chunky brown was a pleasant surprise from the pond. 

One of those days that will be remembered...and revisited.  Until next time.

Mayflies, trout and smallies.

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Recently its been PA trout fishing and lake run smallies.  On our local tribs the smallie action has been dynamite.  In PA the trout fishing has been ok but inconsistent.  Based on what i have seen so far though i think that is about to change.  With stable weather and the arrival of green drakes and sulphurs two of trouts favorite mayflies fishing will be right back on track in a big way.  Some good deals on gear at the shop so stop on in.

PA golden trout or palamino is a prize catch in the keystone state.

Nymphing is always productive if the trout are not coming to the surface.

Swinging soft hackles in north central PA.

This big bug drives both fish and fisherman bananas.  Timing the green drake hatch right can be frustrating but if you do you will not forget it.