Shop sale, fishing report. Happy New Years.

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New Years sale at the shop Friday Dec. 30th and Sat. Dec. 31st. 20%-40% off simms, orvis, patagonia, fishpond, and more.

Fishing report: Chagrin, Grand Tribs, and Elk were all good today and should be better tomorrow as they continue to drop. Conneaut will be another day but should be nice by Sat. Make sure you have some good nymph patterns, stoneflies and caddid in sz 10 and 12. Remember cold water means get your flies down and tailouts become important holding areas. Good Luck.

The big fish of the day, not a great pic but she was double digit heavy.

Fresh fish continue to move into our streams.

Bonus brown trout from today. Not the biggest brown but a nice surprise.

Colored up buck that was laying in a slow deep seam.

Father and son land their first steelhead together.

A happy buck that was grateful for being released.

Fishing/river report, shop is stocked with great gifts for all you anglers.

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It seems more and more anglers on steelhead alley are making the jump to switch rods and swinging streamers, i couldn't be happier. I think there is no better way to pursue these fish than with a sink tip, switch rod, and a big streamer pattern. Now don't get me wrong and think its the most productive, it certainly is not, if it's numbers you are after grab some bait and have at it. However if you are after a challenge and love arm jolting strikes that feel like lightning being shot through your body then this may be for you. The other thing i like about guys swinging flies is they have great stream etiquette, which at times is severely lacking on steelhead alley and is a breath of fresh air. If you are out on the rivers remember to give other anglers space and be courteous.

On a side note if you like the reports, blog and service we provide than remember to support the shop over the holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Swinging Pete knows what i mean, he gets all the grabs.

Brett making some pretty casts with his Scott Spey rod on the Chagrin this afternoon. We didn't catch many but we got grabs and caught fish swinging flies in December which is pretty good.

Another guy that knows all about swinging and has showed me some killer patterns, Thanks Goran.
The hot fly today was pretty much like the Avenger in the tying blog but 3x the amount of flash in the stained water.
Nothing reel big lately but plenty of nice medium sized fish to keep you busy.

This fresh buck just had to have it, wham.

When they say "The tugs the drug" they really mean it, once you get your first couple of pulls you have to have more. If you have an addictive personality stay away from swinging, it will consume you. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back out right now and its 9:30 at night.

Just in case you were wondering what happens to those ducks, fresh off the smoker, all we need is some cheese and crackers.

Fishing Report:
Solid. Things have been good on steelhead alley, weather and fish are cooperating nicely and we couldn't be happier. Rain is in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow but it beats ice and snow so we will wait and see. If you are heading out over the holidays try the Chagrin, Conneaut, or Elk. All three have been pretty consistent lately and i don't expect that to change, with fresh fish still moving in there are more steelhead in the rivers right now than there has been all fall. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Chagrin River Outfitters.

Happy Holidays, fishing report.

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Fishing remains very solid on the Ohio and PA tribs here in the Month of December. Rain today and tomorrow will have the rivers up a bit and off color for a few days but after that we are looking good. Temps next week still look very good and the all important overnight low temperatures they are calling for are very mild for this time of year. After a few years of tough fishing and bad weather it looks like we are catching a break. Remember Chagrin River Outfitters for the holidays.

This Colorado angler found fast and furious action on steelhead alley.

Greetings from the Salmon River.

That's a good looking run, should be a couple in there.

Getting grabs on the Salmon river.

It's the time of year for northern redlegs.

Got out with a buddy and managed to find a few fish.

Simms gear and steelhead weather just go together.

You always want just one more.

Support your local fly shop this holiday season, fish pics, river report.

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As always this holiday season please remember to support your local fly shops around the country wherever you may be. Specialty shops like Chagrin River Outfitters are what we all depend on as fly fisher man for reliable info, expert advice, and a familiar friendly face you can't get anywhere else and we all thank you for your support. Happy Holidays from Chagrin River Outfitters.

On the fishing front things have been good and there seems to be plenty of fish in our rivers. Right now we are waiting for things to subside after the last rain and it is turning colder so remember you don't have to be on the water at first light. Your better fishing will be late morning thru mid afternoon.

For the best selection and advice on fly rods look no further then your favorite fly shop.

The more Simms waders, jackets, and boots we sell the happier our customers seem to be getting. The best gear available really makes time spent on the water that much more enjoyable. Take it from me, my G3's are going on 4 years and still are like new.

This beast was wrangled out of the Chagrin last week. Mr. Lemiuex reports it was a heated battle and a stalemate for some time but the monster was finally subdued, he claims, due to expert fish fighting technique, which may or may not have included a few adult beverages.

Great gifts await the fly fisherman at CRO.

If you want to see Pete catch a fish just add water.

He and a friend had a great day swinging streamers on Sunday. Thanks for calling me.

Rivers are coming down, shop is stocked up for the holidays.

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Rivers are on there way down and we should be fishing again here by the weekend without any more rain. Elk and Grand tribs will be fishing Thursday. In the meantime enjoy some pics.

Chagrin this morning is flowing around 1500 cfs. Give it until Saturday.

Had a brand new fly fisher out Saturday on the Chagrin that wanted to learn how to swing flies. Tackling a sink tip and big streamer your first time ever takes some gumption and this guy had it. We worked on casting, mending, presentation, etc and had one good grab and hook up that end with a cartwheel. Not a bad morning.

Since the rivers were not fishing it was time to bag some ducks. We interrupted these gadwall and widgeon on there way to Mexico. There is not much prettier than watching a group of ducks work your decoys. Mighty tasty on the grill and smoker.

Steelhead rods galore, take your pick from all the top brands.

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Fish pics, New Scott A4's at the shop, Happy Thanksgiving.

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Pictured in this spread are fishes representative of what we have in the rivers right now. Which means everything from fresh arrivals to colored up bucks who where some of the first arrivals in late September and early October. With the weather we have been having and the consistent fishing its smiles all around on steelhead alley. Also the great lakes most popular steelhead rod got an upgrade and is available here at the shop, stop in and check out the new Scott A4. Happy Thanksgiving everyone from Chagrin River Outfitters.

As the sun got lower in the sky Saturday fishing heated up.

High stick nymphing the heavy flows of the Conneaut Friday afternoon.
The fish seem to have a preference for nymph patterns lately. The good old pheasant tail was hot for us on Sunday.

This large buck likes egg patterns. He says they are easy to catch and full of fish oils and protein that make him big and strong like bull.

Aren't these the ones everyone likes to bring to hand. Fresh from the lake they fight like hell.

We have had a little bit of everything when it comes to weather but overall no ones is complaining. It has been an exceptionally nice Fall, and the simms waterproof backpack has made life much easier.

Legendary great lakes steelheader A. Mitch sent us this pic. I would liked to have hooked that beast. Awesome fish.

Salute to all the veterans, fishing report and pics.

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One of the few times you will have the rivers to yourself in these parts is when the weather turns ugly for the first time. This morning was one of those times. Snow, wind and cold kept most anglers home this morning but the fish were willing. Overall fishing has been a little on the slow side in Ohio but there are fish to be had.

Found a few chromers this morning.

And a few that have been here for a while.

Wild Bill has been catching a few NY Browns.
Nice Ohio Buck from the Conneaut.

Pretty spots on a PA Buck.
Upside down steelhead from the Chagrin River this week.

Hen from the Conneaut earlier this week.

Fishing report:
Here in Ohio things have been ok but not great. The low clear water has the fish a little spooky at times and they have been seeing some pressure. At the same time if you put your time in you should be rewarded with a couple hook ups. In PA Elk creek got a big push of chrome though the water is low. Here in Ohio small pods of fish are trickling in under the light of the full moon with plenty more waiting for the next rain. Weather forecast is good and there is chrome in the river, i say go fishing. Good luck Dan and Pete.

Very nice, very nice indeed.

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That's how i would describe the fishing thus far this Fall on the Ohio steelhead tribs. River flows have been good, weather has been conducive to spending time on the water, good numbers of fish in the rivers and the leaves have not been problematic. Oh yeah, and the best part of our season is still ahead of us, looking good.

Anglers are enjoying a great Fall run of steelhead on the Ohio tribs.

Rods have been bending all over steelhead alley this week. Swinging Pete was up to his old tricks again and tickled a few up Sunday and Monday on the Chagrin.

Ran into Will Turek throwing beautiful casts on the lower Chagrin Sunday with the new Ross 7 wt. switch rod and wouldn't you know it, Bam, fish on.

This young fellow is very proud of his first ever steelhead. I have to say i had a little steelhead envy myself when we put this one in the net, beautiful fish.

The best part about steelheading is the last few kicks of the tail and watching them swim away.

River report:
Ohio tribs have good numbers of fish and are starting to get fairly clear. Downsize fly size, go more natural and use fluorocarbon leaders and tippets for better success. The Grand river is another story, she is clearing nicely and fished well yesterday and should be very good today, tomorrow and over the weekend. In Pa fish numbers are through the roof on many stretches but low, clear water is making for tough conditions. Good Luck Dan and Pete.