Rivers are blown, come check out new vises and fleeces, fish pics.

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Plenty of great fleeces to choose from including Patagonia, Simms, and Redington.

Come check out the new line up of regal vises. They are fast becoming many tiers new favorites.

Here is a nice fish from this week past week.

Another beauty from this week caught on a windy, rainy day that few others ventured out in.

River Report:
Well we have been asking for rain and we got it, Currently all rivers are blown but dropping. Good news Chagrin and another smaller Ohio trib will fish by Monday, bad news is another 1/2 inch of rain on the way early this week which may make for a small window to get some fishing in. Right now small tribs to the Grand, smaller Ohio tribs, and PA tribs will all fish today and tomorrow and possibly the Chagrin in the afternoon.

Happy Thanksgiving, free reel offer, more rain on the way, December to remember.

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Stop in or call the shop to take advantage of this great reel offer on a new rod purchase, we will also throw in a free fly line for supporting your local fly shop.

It has been a long time coming but the Ohio tribs finally have some fish in them. Had to break out the scuba gear this weak to check out some holes that changed over the summer and wouldn't you know it the steelhead decided to make an appearance.

Another pic in the same hole that fish were piled into. Things have picked up here in a big way, all the Eastern Ohio tribs received a good run of fish that has kept anglers very busy the last week. With alot more rain in the forecast look for great December steelhead fishing, it's gonna be epic.

River report:
It was a long time coming but the fish finally showed and the slow start to the Fall seems like a bad dream after a phenomenal week of steelheading here in Northeast Ohio. Steelheaders finally got the run of fish they have been waiting for from the Chagrin to the Conneaut and are now looking for more. With heavy rains on the way for the Holiday it would appear we will be set up for another great run of fish to enter our area tribs and allow the ones in the rivers to push further upstream. This is good news on many levels as it will help spread out the angling pressure on the lower rivers and give people plenty of options when they decide to get on the river.

We got some rain here yesterday so for today look to the Grand Tribs, elk and the smaller Ohio tribs. Tomorrow the Chagrin will be back in good shape and the Grand in the afternoon. The Conneaut is blown out. Good luck.

River report, great water and weather for the weekend, this could be the run we have been waiting for.

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Overview: The last rains we received in Ohio improved the fishing some but not much, that may have changed. Based on reports from just before the rain and this morning things are looking way up. Anglers fishing down low on the Eastern streams were seeing fresh fish Sunday and Monday moving upstream and reports from this morning have all been great fantastic, this could be it.

Was out yesterday and got a good look at all the rivers and smaller tribs in the area and here is what i know that you need to know to get on some fish.

Today Thursday Nov. 18th your options are gonna be the tribs to the grand. Very small tribs to lake Erie, you know the ones i am talking about, the mile streams in PA and Elk Creek will all fish.

For Friday and Saturday look to the Chagrin for fresh fish fish pushing in from the Lake as well as Elk, by Saturday the Conneaut will be rocking as well.

The Grand is way blown out at 2100 cfs and rising and that is good news for us as steelhead anglers. Hopefully the Grand will return to glory when she is fishing again mid next week.

Usually i just say good luck but i need to say get your gear and go fishing because this could be very good.

River report, week long forescast.

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Rain Chance for Measurable Precipitation 80%

Hi 52 °F

Rain Chance for Measurable Precipitation 100%

Lo 45 °F

Chance Showers Chance for Measurable Precipitation 50%
Hi 48 °F

Slight Chance Showers Chance for Measurable Precipitation 20%
Slight Chc
Lo 36 °F

Showers Likely Chance for Measurable Precipitation 60%
Hi 45 °F

Chance Rain/Snow Chance for Measurable Precipitation 30%
Lo 30 °F

Mostly Sunny
Hi 46 °F

Partly Cloudy
Lo 35 °F

Partly Sunny
Hi 48 °F
For now things remain on the slow side for steelhead anglers in northeast Ohio. On the sunnyside we have some much needed rain in the forecast that will help turn things up a notch in the catching department for late in the week and the weekend. If we get the rain they are calling for it will make for great conditions late in the week and over the weekend and increase the numbers of fish on the rivers. Good luck

Updated river reports, pics, new Powell switch rods and Hardy reels, new flow gauge for Conneaut Creek on USGS water data site.

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For anybody looking for new toys to play with we have recently added some very nice Powell switch rods and Hardy reels to our lineup. Put the two together and you have a match made in steelhead heaven.

Cool underwater shot of a steelhead heading home.

Hooked up on the upper Chagrin. Not many fish up near Gates Mills yet but there are a few.

Paul Bunyan and babe the blue ox heading home after a slow day of swinging on the lower Chagrin.

Guide John with a sweet fish from Tuesday. This pic is a good example on the proper way to hold a fish for a photo so it doesn't get dropped. One hand around the base of the tail and the other supporting the fish under the belly by the pectoral fins.

Conneaut Creek now has a flow gauge on the USGS water data web site. I do not know what flows to look for yet as it just went online but it will be a great resource.

River Reports:

Chagrin River: Chagrin is getting low but has color in the holes and fish are scattered throughout the system fairly well with the majority in the mid to lower reaches.

Grand River: The flow on the Grand has dropped quicker than expected or hoped for but fished pretty well today(11-10-11) for some anglers. Expect fishing to improve for fly anglers on Thurs. Fri. and thru the weekend as visibility improves. Fish are spreading out thru the river system so don't be afraid to start looking further upstream.

Conneaut Creek: The Conneaut has a nice steelhead green color to it with good flow that should hold thru Friday with any luck and inot Saturday. The fishing has improved with this last round of precipitation but is still not great. Fish are spread out from mouth to well above rt 90 so do some exploring.

Overview: Fishing over the next few days and thru the weekend should be the best we have seen all year but don't expect any record days. Overall it still remains on the slow side for this time of year but it is improving. Our best advice is if you are not on any fish keep moving until you find some. They are scattered and not really concentrated in any one are so being mobile is your best bet.

Hot flies: Psycho Prince, hot spot bugger, white buggers, oregon cheese sucker spawn, black stone flies, prince nymphs, orange sucker spawn. Good Luck

River Reports for 11/9/10...sorry no pics in a rush to go fishing.

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River report:

Chagrin: Great flow and color that should provide good fishing thru Thursday. Found a few fish yesterday on both the lower and middle river.

Grand: Blown out but should be perfect for anglers who can make it out on the weekend.

Conneaut: Was high and off color yesterday. Today flow and color will be good and tomorrow should be just about perfect and make for good fishing thru the weekend. Look out for those brown trout on the East side streams.

Elk: Plenty of fish but getting low and clear.

River report, swinging on the Grand pics.

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We had a dream job the other day. Three anglers all fishing 2 handed rods, all swinging flies, sweet.
A really blurry picture of a really good caster and angler.

Here a patient angler waits for a grab on the dangle. Was the patience rewarded?

Hey here we go.

A nice chromer swung up on a purple string leech.

Hooked up and chasing one downstream that whacked a white hackle flash streamer.

Another fresh hen that couldn't resist. Steelhead will aggressively chase down a protein snack this time of year.

Another one comes to the net that hammered a swung fly. You don't catch a bunch fishing this way but the takes are electrifying.

Oh by the way, large aggressive steelhead are what you are after when swinging.

River report:
Rivers are once again on the low and clear side except for the Grand which is low but has decent color. The fishing has not been spectacular anywhere that i know of but is improving over the last few weeks. The best action has been on the Grand and on the Conneaut. With more rain in the forecast look for more fish to make their way into the system and improve angling success. The one bright spot has been the major increase in large brown trout being caught by anglers on Elk creek and some Eastern Ohio tribs as well. These fish were stocked two years ago by PA into Elk creek and are all ready returning in good numbers and averaging 25-26 inches.

Angling Tip: With fishing the way it is right now, which is on the slow side anglers can increase there chances by targeting streams with the best conditions for catching fish. Also cover water, if your not catching fish in one area or section keep moving until you find some and when you do find them pay attention to the type of water they are holding in and look for similar areas for repeated success. Good Luck

Shop day pics, a day off ,rivers report.

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An enthusiastic angler gets some personalized one on one instruction on switch rods from Jeff Liskay. Jeff may be the nicest guy on the planet and loves sharing what he knows about fishing spey and switch rods for steelhead on the great lakes tributaries with anyone who wants to learn. We were lucky to get him into the shop for the day this time of year when he would much rather be fishing. Thanks for your time Jeff.

Fly fishing guru Jerry Darkes shows some great steelhead patterns to interested fly tyers. Jerry and Jeff put on a great seminar on Saturday at the shop and Jerry took time to show some great new patterns and share some tricks off the trade when it comes to tying flies that catch fish.

The smile tells it all. My wife Megan and i got out to do a little fishing together for the first time in a long time. It was great to see her back on the water and nice to see that she still knows how to handle a fly rod. She was a little rusty at first but picked it up again pretty quickly.

I am proud to say that she out fished both myself and Pete on this day when fish were hard to come by. It wasn't for lack of fish but the low clear conditions made them tough.

I did manage a couple fish throughout the course of the day which was plenty. The real joy was spending time with Megan again on the water which seems harder and harder to come by. If i learned one thing on this day it was that we will be doing this a lot more often.

Say hi to Evan from Oregon who was in town and decided to try some great lakes steelheading with Chagrin River Outfitters. Even had a great day of fish catching, was thoroughly impressed with the quality of our fishery and the beauty of our rivers. Evan thanks for the pic, glad you got home safe and hope to see you again your next time thru.

River reports:
Chagrin is on the low and clear side but fishing ok for the conditions. Grand and Conneaut are in good shape, both have good visibility and flow right now though a little tannin stain is present. Elk is getting low and clear as well but as always large numbers of fish present. If i was fishing the next couple of days, and i am, i would look at the Grand or Connie as they have the best conditions. Good luck.