Shop day line up....

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When: Saturday October 10th
Where: Chagrin River Outfitters

10am Introduction to Steelheading with Matt Hynes....Matt is on the water 250 days a year guiding between steelhead alley and Alaska, we can all learn a little something from him

11am switch rod casting demo w/Will Turek...Will's demo covers the basic of casting two handed rods and why they are so beneficial to great lakes steelheader weather indicator fishing or nymphing...

12 am Matching the hatch for lake Erie steelhead w/ John the most readily available food sources for Steelhead once they enter our tribs and which flies best imitate them...

12:45 Rigging for steelhead with Brett McCrea...Take the guess work out of your steelhead selection, split shot placement, choosing the right indicator...

1:45 Comprehensive look at our steelhead fishery with Jeff Liskay...where to target and catch Lake Erie Steelhead from October thru May in Ohio, gear choices...covers both indicator fishing and swinging streamers...

All day fly tying by Gregg Senyo, Matt Hynes, Brett McCrea...learn new petterns, techniques and materials for steelhead alley

New Shop Pics and Semi-Fishing Report....

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Fleece tops and bottoms $24.95...Windproof fleece jackets for fall only $69.95

Brand New Chagrin River Outfitters Fly Bar...Over 350 proven
Steelhead nymphs, eggs, buggers, and streamers...

Fully stocked with materials, hooks, and tools
for your latest fishy creations

With over 11 Different Steelhead fly rods in stock Starting at $180.00 and
more than10 different Steelhead reels in stock starting at $55.00 we are your one stop shop for everything Steelhead.

On to the fishing reports, there have been fish around the Eastern Ohio tribs, Lakeshore and PA for a few weeks and anglers have been taking them but with the low flows and clear water it has been difficult....If you are itching to go out make sure it is early and fish low down on the rivers or consider hitting the shoreline...At this point everyone knows we need rain and plenty of it, which looks like it is on its way but we have to see what it amounts to...if you are reading this in Cincy do use a favor and send that rain this way please....As always we will be keeping you up to date on everything Steelhead related because that is what we do around here...It's great to be this close to the start of things again and good luck to you all this season...Dan

New fly pattern from the shop...

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Hook: Daiichi 1530 sz 10
Thread: 8/0 uni thread black
Bead: 5/32 copper
Tail: Black Goose Biots
Body: Black Ice Dub
Wing Case: Pheasant tail
Rib: extra small copper wire
Thorax: Chartreuse Ice dub

1: Tie in Goose biots for tail, tie in wire and pheasant tail.

2: Dub Body(wax may help), tie down wing case and rib forward. Tie off rib
and add goose biots on either side of fly.

3: Chartuese Ice dub for thorax and whip finish.(Steelie Blue
and Orange can be substituted for thorax giving you three fishable flies)

The Original Phsyco Prince. Golden stone biots, Orange ice dub for body
and UV Brown for body. Copper Bead.
Notes: This fly is basically a Psycho Prince but with a copper bead and tied in colors better suited for steelhead alley. A very good clear water color combo is UV tan ice dub body with UV pink ice dub thorax tied on a size 12 Daiichi 1530.

This is a great fish catcher and i like it because i can tie the same pattern in different sizes and colors to match the ever changing conditions on our tribs.
Good Luck

Possible New World Record Brown Trout landed in MI....

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Rockford, MI angler Tom Healy landed this beast after a 15 minute battle in Michigans Manistee river while salmon fishing. The possible new world record brown trout taped out at 43.75 inches and weighed in at 41#s 7ozs. and is currently under review by the IGFA for record status.

New fly tying edition to blog, look for a new pattern every week.

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Lets start with an easy to tie fish catcher that has produced many Steelhead
over the seasons on our local streams. This fly fishes best in stained water when fish need a little flash and movement to get their attention. Fish as a point fly with nymph below.

Hook: Daiichi 1120 sz 8-10
thread: Uni-thread 8/0 or Ultra thread 70 (orange or red)
Body: Ultra Chenille (standard) fl. chart
Head: Amber Orange Estaz

1. Lay down thread base and tie in Chenille in rear of hook
just above the bend.

2. Tie down chenille on top of hook with 4-5 forward wraps
of thread, tie off, leaving enough room for 3 wraps of estaz.

3. Tie in estaz
4. 3 forward wraps of estaz, whip finish, lightly burn end of chenille with
lighter to keep from unraveling.

5. Go catch steelhead
Shown above are a few colors (but not all) we fish them in, including pink/white, chart/orange, and brown/chart,


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Justin was feeling bad for us hear in Ohio, it seems like purgatory this time of year, and decided that since our reports have been lacking he better send us a couple of pics from his latest outing. From his account it sounded like a great day with both Bonito and False Albacore ripping around eating everything in site...For more info on their day check out fishing the vineyards website were Bryce and the boys keep us up to date on the East coast saltwater fishing scene...

Around here we have been getting ready for steel...that means dusting off the switch rods, cranking flies and checking our inventory of sink tips...Oh yeah, and watching the weather...i have scene more weather forecast in the last week that i have in 4 months. Reports have been a few fish showing around the mouths but very little success catching... though there has been some. The colder days and nights are helping, through in a couple of good rains and South winds and we should be in good shape...Until then keep cranking flies and stay tuned for more shop updates in coming days...If you haven't been in lately you will be pleasantly surprised.