Enjoying the Fall and netting some big fish.

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While my guiding this Fall has taken a back seat to running the shop i have been out a few times.

Like all Falls in Ohio when it comes to steelheading this one has taken on its own personality.  With low lake levels the rivers are dropping much faster than normal, the fishing has been right around average there seems to be a good number of double digit fish in the rivers.

Justin made it back to town and remembered very quickly how to put em in the net.

While John Fabian has gotten the most votes for style points in his photos.

Also with Fabian you know you are going to get some large in the mix as well.

To sum it up the fishing has been decent, with some days better than others as fishing always has been and always will be, river conditions have been great, and the weather has been beautiful.

Add that to plenty or rivers to fish and plenty of elbow room and you have steelhead alley in Ohio in the Fall.  Get out there and enjoy.  Its also getting around that time of year to remember to support your local fly shop during the Holidays.  See you on the river.

Here we go.

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Yes its time once again.

Time to get together with a few buds and hit the rivers for some steelhead.

Ot hit the river by yourself and find an old friend waiting for you.

The first few of the year get that fire burning again.

With the recent rains the start of November should also be the start of some great fishing.

So good luck to all you steelheads and hope everyone finds a few like this.

Dont forget to hit the shop as well and check out the great new flies and gear.