Shop update, fishing pics from around the world...well not really but other than Ohio.

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First off thank you to everyone who came down and supported the shop during our sales events.  It was great to see such a big turnout and hear how excited everyone is to see your new old favorite fly shop when its all done.  Shop should...wait scratch that.  Shop will be open again by next Monday August the 6th if not sooner.  Now lets take a look at some cool fish pics sent our way from Montana and also one of the rarest photos you will ever see will be saved for last. 

In no particular order why you should do a western trout trip any and every chance you get.

Rainbows that love dry flies

 Browns that love dry flies.

 Evening spinner falls
 Float trips on the longest un damed river in the US.
 Because even wanne be trout bums from Ohio in goofy hats can catch trout like this.
 And trout bums on sabbatical can take goofy pictures with really cool hats.
Because on your last night there you fish until dark realizing this is freaking sweet and i will be back again next summer.
Then its one more...wait a few more Moscow Mules and time to hit the road.

The shot that will make me famous is this one here.  Captured in the wilds of Chagrin Falls its a very rare and hoped to be extinct Pete (pronounced 1st syllable with Boston accent PEET which is Portuguese for old and ARE which means nothing but is for some reason used as a suffix on most words:  Peetare) actually doing some work and i think enjoying it.  Glad to have you back buddy.

It's been awhile, before we get started MAKE SURE you are at the shop clearence sale starting Wed. July 25th thru Sat. July 28th. Now lets catch up shall we!!!!!!.

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Shop Clearance 50% off Sale Wed July 25th thru Sat July 28th.
Store wide sale up to 50% off for shop renovations.  Here's the deal, we need to sell as much stuff as possible so we do not have to move it or box it up when we give the shop a face lift (paint and remodel) the following week.  Come on down and load up. 
All rods, reels, waders, wading boots, tying materials, fly lines, fishing shirts, nippers, tying vises and more must go. 

Pictured below are some of the highlights, the low lights which no one wants to see include a couple of awful hangovers compliments of Mr. Jameson, picking my dog up at the police station and  my personal favorite removing skunk spray from the both of us.
Towards the end of June we hit north central PA for another round of trouting (is that a word?) and it was very good to us.  We got lucky with the weather as overcast, cool and cloudy helps keep the trout happy.
We caught a plethora of rainbows around this size with 5 or 6 bigger ones pushing the 18 inch mark.  A few browns were also in the mix.
Next it was on to the Delaware river in NY were the trout were as snooty as the anglers, it was kind of funny really as its been a while since i have seen orvis tweed and dudes using the Latin names of bugs on the river.  The river itself was gorgeous and it kicked my butt on this day but i will be back for round 2. 

Stop 3 was Marthas Vineyard to catch up with Justin and see if he is staying out of trouble, not likely.  Might as well do some fishing.

We caught about 5000 bluefish form the beach.

It was the old bait and switch as we cast hookless teasers with the plug rod to lure the blues into fly

Highlight had to be fishing with my two oldest at a trout club where the action was just like kids like it, non-stop.

Now its back to the shop and gearing up for fall already.  I know its only July but its late July and real soon its going to be September.